Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Wow app payment proof

So I've been doing wow app for a few months now since about December. When I first started I could not find any payment proof whatso ever and the app was so new I don't think any one had cashed out yet due to the payment minimum being $20.

I checked the yesterday and realized there was no minimum I had 871.xx I think available credits so I requested a PayPal payment and was paid today! So I can say it's definitely legit

First is you must wait 60 days from the day you earned the credits for them to become matured. Meaning Jan first you earn 50.xx it won't become available until March first.
Second xxx.xx means dollars if you only have xx.xx that's only cents.
Available credit is your credit you can donate or cashout with.
Earnings are what has not yet matured by waiting 60 days!
Have questions? Ask away :)
It seems I cannot add a picture from my phone I will have to add my payment proof later.
One thing to know is wow app charges $1 + 8% of what your cashing out so out of 871.xx I got $7.01 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Get paid for tutoring English $10 an hour

Another thing I use to make money online is an app that you can teach Chinese students English. Most of them just want to chat to improve their English for many reasons it's simple you get paid .17 per minute you talk to them which equals $10 per hour it's not an American app so you will have to go into your settings and allow it to run but it's legit. Payment is PayPal $20 minimum and its weekly if you don't have enough it just rolls over to the next week. You'll get $10 to start using this link  http://t.cn/R4MpFgP tutor for one hour and see if you like it and you will hAve made minimum of you don't it only took 1 hour of your time ! It's very cool I've made $49 so far in only 2 weeks

You will need to go into your settings and accept the app to run since it's not from the App Store go to general >device management then click on it 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rabadaba does it pay? Review

Hi guys!

So I have been trying out this new app called Rabadaba. Its basically a social app that you can earn money on. Its super fun and really addicting. So heres the ins and outs.

How to earn?

How to earn is quite simple and you don't have to rely on others to make money. Well in a small way you do have to rely on people to post but that will NEVER stop because they gain while you gain. Here is what I mean. If some one posts a picture you can choose to dislike or like it. If you like it they get a point and you get a point its a win win! If you choose to downlike it then you get a point but they do not. So really you don't ever have to post anything and you can still earn. While that would defeat the purpose of it being a social site its entirely up to you and you would be missing out on points you could be getting from when others vote on your posts. You can also get points from redabbing (reposting) posts.

Points to money ratio?

It breaks down like this
100 is .01
1,000 is .10
10,000 is $1
and 100,000 is $10
you could easily get 10-100 likes on your pictures most people tend to upvote so it really adds up. People can also tip you! And you can tip them :)

What can I post?

What ever you would like it could be a text post (just like a facebook status), a picture, a gif, a sound clip with out without picture, or a video.

What kind of content is there?

Everything from places to food to animals to quotes there is something for every one!

So how or when will I be paid?

The way it works is payment is given out on the 15th of each month if you have the minimum which is $10 so 100,000 points but anything above that you will get too so if you have $11 worth of points or $300 worth of points you will get it!. While that may seem like a big number DO NOT let it scare you! Just think about all the years on facebook the thousands of posts and pictures you have posted and liked or shared and never gotten paid! This site wants to change that this site wants to give back to users that means they are giving up billions of potential dollars and thats ok to them! They pay via paypal so that is awesome too the money is sent and right away you have it.

My final thoughts:

I am truly addicted to this app the people the ease of use the layout everything I just love it and I can earn from it!
I am on week 5 and I made the deadline and min amount on the 15th so I received payment and I can say it is legit! I also seen tons of others post about their cashouts one of them was like almost $400 I want to be on that level lol!

PS I am getting NOTHING in exchange for this review there is no referral program I just want to spread the word :)