Monday, October 31, 2011

Review Products:Colgate Optic White toothpaste/toothbrush

Colgate Optic White toothpaste: Day 1 of use
So I have been seeing commercials on this product thinking meh another overpriced product that "works wonders". I was at the store the other day and noticed the price was only around $3 so I figured what the hay I will try it. I just used it today and I will say wow. The tube is fancy to the eye being a cinnamon red and it has an easy to use cap.The toothpaste is not runny and does not fall off your toothbrush.

I begin brushing and immediately notice this is nothing like regular toothpaste it is more thick. The feeling after brushing is incredible I have never felt my mouth so clean. This toothpaste was a little minty but it did not cause any irritation or sensitivity. Just based on my findings I do recommend Colgate Optic White as a toothpaste.

Day 4: Nov 3, 2011 I have not noticed any change in the color of my teeth yet I will continue to use this and keep all updated.

Day 11: Nov 10, 2011 I have noticed a slight shade lighter.

Day 16: Nov 15, 2011 I have definitely noticed a change in the shade of my teeth if I had to guess maybe a shade or two lighter.  I also think its great because there is nothing extra to remember no keeping it in your mouth for an hour nothing just brush your teeth.

Day 18: Nov 17, 2011 my fiancee tried it a week and a half ago and we even notice a change in his teeth this toothpaste is great. 

Colgate 360 degree optic white Toothbrush:
I got the 3x bacterial removal. This toothbrush was the soft full head 360 around kind. When I began using this toothbrush I noticed it was very easy to use and really soft. The bristles are very flexible and it seems like it is easier to reach hard spots. I liked how the toothbrush had an easy grip and on the back it is a tongue and cheek cleaner like a soft pad with 3 cups. The toothbrush itself had the bristles going in different directions the middle was indented which I liked I think it made it easier to keep the toothpaste on the brush. I spent almost $4 on this toothbrush at Walmart so not bad. I love it and I would be glad to recommend it.

Update: Nov 9, 2011 I have noticed there is a lot less plaque when flossing after brushing I really like this toothbrush.

As for coupons I only found two and they both require you to purchase a magazine called All You there is one coupon in each edition of Oct 2011 and Nov 2011 and each are for $1 off but I believe you can only use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon with most stores. Rite aid and Walgreens sometimes have a store coupon for this toothpaste so keep an eye out!

If you want more information on Colgate-Palmolive and their safety practices (testing on animals and what not) visit this PDF. Basically they do test on animals only when literally necessary after they have exhausted other options and they are working hard to eliminate testing on animals. They spend almost (or over) 1 million a year to find other testing ways that are non-animal. This is just way they "say" could or could not be true but they encourage people to communicate which shows sincerity and that they care about their customers.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What is a gas chamber? Reality sets in...

Gas chambers are used in animal shelters across the nation.There are 31 states still allowing this method.

So what are they?

Gas chambers are a method shelters use to put cats or dogs down. They are air tight metal boxes some the size of a trucks bed. Most of the chambers are outdated and some are even homemade. They present a danger to the workers operating since Carbon is a silent deadly gas that is untraceable to the eye and nose. The released toxins cause more harm to the environment.Gassing usually occurs once a week at shelters and animals can be gassed in as quick as three days of occupying a shelter.

 How it works

When it comes time to euthanize the animals the workers drag them and place them in this box usually until it is full. Then they turn on the gas (carbon monoxide or dioxide) and walk away to block out the screams. They leave it on for about 30 minutes to make sure the animals are dead. Then the bodies are taken out placed in trash bags and thrown away in the very same place we throw away our garbage.... Some are placed in a freezer to be sold to research companies. View a gassing video here warning it is VERY upsetting.

There have been some survivors of gas chambers. Recently there were two survivors due to them being overfilled. A common problem is that they are filled up so much they have to gas the animals more than once sometimes even three times. One survivor is here and another survivor is here

So what happens to the animal during this?
The entire time these animals are experiencing pain as their organs begin to shut down due to lack of oxygen. They are still conscious during the process which can last up to 45 minutes. The gas begins to fill their lungs they start choking and it starts burning their insides and eyes. They panic, fight each other, and scream from the pain. They vomit, bleed, urinate, and defecate all over themselves and finally they take their last breath and pass.

A humane cheaper method.
The injection is a method of euthanasia which takes minutes to complete and the pets pass in a calm painless state and they are shown love. This method is proven to be cheaper than using gas chambers however gas chambers are convenient for shelters and sadly millions of pets die annually because people just don't know that this is even happening.

We can speak for the unheard 

We can spread awareness to stop this barbaric method these animals deserve to pass humanely with dignity and love.

Want to help? Read my blog here to get you started

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gas chambers at shelters 2011

Sadly yes they are still being used in multiple animal facilities across the nation . Currently 31 states still allow the use of gas chambers. An alternative method is the injection which is a few minute process in which they pass away almost instantly and in the arms of a vet or trained person so basically as peaceful as possible. While I would love to have a no kill nation I understand that its not feasible at least right now.

However humane euthanizing is feasible and cheaper

Why are people so unaware this practice is still happening or even exists? If it were not for the survivors, activists, and petitions would we know at all?  In all reality an injection is about half the cost of using the gas chamber so what is really going on?Most of these pets dying are healthy, adoptable and ace their exams but because of a 'cough' (in actual terms overcrowded) they are put on the "list".

These facilities are receiving profit regardless of the animals being adopted or not. They are also using tax payers money to operate too. How you ask? 
Animal facilities sell the deceased bodies of these pets and they sell alive animals to research companies that do product testing (sickening right?). And of course for other revenue they adopt out animals, take donations and do fundraisers.

They will not give up the chamber method. Its quite possible that they make more money euthanizing them (with a chamber) because of the amount they can euthanize at one time and it opens a lot of space for new strays.Plus they sell the bodies to make a profit. It would take less than 2 hours to kill over 100 animals in the gas chamber makes sense why they won't change their methods but that does not make it ok or humane! This method is nearing 100 years old our world is by far living in the past. View the findings on gas chambers for Grace's law here.

Gas chambers were (mostly) banned for criminals but continue to be used for the innocent pets. Our world is overpopulated with animals yes but that doesn't give us a right to torture and kill 8 million + a year. And if we keep following the path we do eventually the animal count will become nearly depleted. They don't deserve to be treated like trash or profit.We can do something please read my blog
to see how you can help ban these barbaric outdated practices.

To view the gas chamber process and an explanation of it visit here

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