Sunday, October 23, 2011

Gas chambers at shelters 2011

Sadly yes they are still being used in multiple animal facilities across the nation . Currently 31 states still allow the use of gas chambers. An alternative method is the injection which is a few minute process in which they pass away almost instantly and in the arms of a vet or trained person so basically as peaceful as possible. While I would love to have a no kill nation I understand that its not feasible at least right now.

However humane euthanizing is feasible and cheaper

Why are people so unaware this practice is still happening or even exists? If it were not for the survivors, activists, and petitions would we know at all?  In all reality an injection is about half the cost of using the gas chamber so what is really going on?Most of these pets dying are healthy, adoptable and ace their exams but because of a 'cough' (in actual terms overcrowded) they are put on the "list".

These facilities are receiving profit regardless of the animals being adopted or not. They are also using tax payers money to operate too. How you ask? 
Animal facilities sell the deceased bodies of these pets and they sell alive animals to research companies that do product testing (sickening right?). And of course for other revenue they adopt out animals, take donations and do fundraisers.

They will not give up the chamber method. Its quite possible that they make more money euthanizing them (with a chamber) because of the amount they can euthanize at one time and it opens a lot of space for new strays.Plus they sell the bodies to make a profit. It would take less than 2 hours to kill over 100 animals in the gas chamber makes sense why they won't change their methods but that does not make it ok or humane! This method is nearing 100 years old our world is by far living in the past. View the findings on gas chambers for Grace's law here.

Gas chambers were (mostly) banned for criminals but continue to be used for the innocent pets. Our world is overpopulated with animals yes but that doesn't give us a right to torture and kill 8 million + a year. And if we keep following the path we do eventually the animal count will become nearly depleted. They don't deserve to be treated like trash or profit.We can do something please read my blog
to see how you can help ban these barbaric outdated practices.

To view the gas chamber process and an explanation of it visit here

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