Monday, October 31, 2011

Review Products:Colgate Optic White toothpaste/toothbrush

Colgate Optic White toothpaste: Day 1 of use
So I have been seeing commercials on this product thinking meh another overpriced product that "works wonders". I was at the store the other day and noticed the price was only around $3 so I figured what the hay I will try it. I just used it today and I will say wow. The tube is fancy to the eye being a cinnamon red and it has an easy to use cap.The toothpaste is not runny and does not fall off your toothbrush.

I begin brushing and immediately notice this is nothing like regular toothpaste it is more thick. The feeling after brushing is incredible I have never felt my mouth so clean. This toothpaste was a little minty but it did not cause any irritation or sensitivity. Just based on my findings I do recommend Colgate Optic White as a toothpaste.

Day 4: Nov 3, 2011 I have not noticed any change in the color of my teeth yet I will continue to use this and keep all updated.

Day 11: Nov 10, 2011 I have noticed a slight shade lighter.

Day 16: Nov 15, 2011 I have definitely noticed a change in the shade of my teeth if I had to guess maybe a shade or two lighter.  I also think its great because there is nothing extra to remember no keeping it in your mouth for an hour nothing just brush your teeth.

Day 18: Nov 17, 2011 my fiancee tried it a week and a half ago and we even notice a change in his teeth this toothpaste is great. 

Colgate 360 degree optic white Toothbrush:
I got the 3x bacterial removal. This toothbrush was the soft full head 360 around kind. When I began using this toothbrush I noticed it was very easy to use and really soft. The bristles are very flexible and it seems like it is easier to reach hard spots. I liked how the toothbrush had an easy grip and on the back it is a tongue and cheek cleaner like a soft pad with 3 cups. The toothbrush itself had the bristles going in different directions the middle was indented which I liked I think it made it easier to keep the toothpaste on the brush. I spent almost $4 on this toothbrush at Walmart so not bad. I love it and I would be glad to recommend it.

Update: Nov 9, 2011 I have noticed there is a lot less plaque when flossing after brushing I really like this toothbrush.

As for coupons I only found two and they both require you to purchase a magazine called All You there is one coupon in each edition of Oct 2011 and Nov 2011 and each are for $1 off but I believe you can only use one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon with most stores. Rite aid and Walgreens sometimes have a store coupon for this toothpaste so keep an eye out!

If you want more information on Colgate-Palmolive and their safety practices (testing on animals and what not) visit this PDF. Basically they do test on animals only when literally necessary after they have exhausted other options and they are working hard to eliminate testing on animals. They spend almost (or over) 1 million a year to find other testing ways that are non-animal. This is just way they "say" could or could not be true but they encourage people to communicate which shows sincerity and that they care about their customers.


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