Monday, October 24, 2011

What is a gas chamber? Reality sets in...

Gas chambers are used in animal shelters across the nation.There are 31 states still allowing this method.

So what are they?

Gas chambers are a method shelters use to put cats or dogs down. They are air tight metal boxes some the size of a trucks bed. Most of the chambers are outdated and some are even homemade. They present a danger to the workers operating since Carbon is a silent deadly gas that is untraceable to the eye and nose. The released toxins cause more harm to the environment.Gassing usually occurs once a week at shelters and animals can be gassed in as quick as three days of occupying a shelter.

 How it works

When it comes time to euthanize the animals the workers drag them and place them in this box usually until it is full. Then they turn on the gas (carbon monoxide or dioxide) and walk away to block out the screams. They leave it on for about 30 minutes to make sure the animals are dead. Then the bodies are taken out placed in trash bags and thrown away in the very same place we throw away our garbage.... Some are placed in a freezer to be sold to research companies. View a gassing video here warning it is VERY upsetting.

There have been some survivors of gas chambers. Recently there were two survivors due to them being overfilled. A common problem is that they are filled up so much they have to gas the animals more than once sometimes even three times. One survivor is here and another survivor is here

So what happens to the animal during this?
The entire time these animals are experiencing pain as their organs begin to shut down due to lack of oxygen. They are still conscious during the process which can last up to 45 minutes. The gas begins to fill their lungs they start choking and it starts burning their insides and eyes. They panic, fight each other, and scream from the pain. They vomit, bleed, urinate, and defecate all over themselves and finally they take their last breath and pass.

A humane cheaper method.
The injection is a method of euthanasia which takes minutes to complete and the pets pass in a calm painless state and they are shown love. This method is proven to be cheaper than using gas chambers however gas chambers are convenient for shelters and sadly millions of pets die annually because people just don't know that this is even happening.

We can speak for the unheard 

We can spread awareness to stop this barbaric method these animals deserve to pass humanely with dignity and love.

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