Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 guys burger and fries Spokane

Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Urbanspoon 5 Guys Burger and Fries

So I have been curious about this place and stopped in today.  I was very impressed at how clean the place was so big plus there. I take a look at the menu and first thing I see is a burger is $5 bacon burger is $6.19 (or close) bacon cheeseburger is $6.89 then I notice there are no meals. So on top of the burger prices you are paying additional for fries and a pop. So a meal would be about $12 per person to get a burger fries and a drink. The burger was ok... it had two patties your choice of toppings (free toppings were a plus). It wasn't very big it was much like a double cheeseburger at mcdonalds or a dollar burger at jack in the box. The fries were....ok  I am not really into the all natural potato skin kind of fries but it wasn't too bad. 

This isn't a place I would go again because it just wasn't what I like your experience may be different. One thing is I felt it was very expensive with very little quality to even it out. My brother got the hotdog with bacon and it didn't look all that good. He said it cost a little over $5 but it had two very slim hot dogs with a piece or two of bacon. I will however give it to the workers because they did provide great service very helpful gave us the run down and was very welcoming.There was also free peanuts which were great and a sign that let you know where your fries came from that day which I thought was pretty cool.

A real personal view on pit bulls/media lies

I have been raised around pit bulls my entire life I am 22 now and like most people I will say it honestly depends on how the dog was raised. Pit bulls are very smart creatures and if they are taught to attack they are going to do what they know but if they are taught to love that is all they know. One thing I learned really fast is that the people who do not favor pit bulls really do not have a valid reason. Most will say well I read this or that.

I have also noticed the media fibs a LOT just to get a story and people to take interest even dogs that have no relation or similar features are named in the article as vicious pit bull. Do not always believe what you hear on the news but you should believe your own experiences. So back to the media my first thought was why would they lie? It is more important to get attention than to tell the truth. Most people wouldn't be interested if the title said lab mix bites child in face compare to vicious pit bull attack rips girls face off nearly died.

My experiences have been so great that I will not once say I have ever felt threatened, scared nor have I ever been hurt. Pit bulls to me are so very loyal and most are just big ol lugs that think they are tiny little lap pups haha. Although pit bulls are very strong that shouldn't be a reason to hate them. Anything can kill you yet I bet you still have stuff in your house right? For instance my tv blew after it was off for a day and a half caught on fire I was sleeping maybe 7 feet away when the glass blew out. It is just silly to me that people argue so far to where they have to resort to well they can kill you my reply is just like I said above a bee can kill you are you kidding me?

My one very very annoyed topic is when the media does not correct themselves (they do it on purpose but still doesn't make it right not to correct it). I hate this because say you read the news article Pit bull on a killing spree killed 3 neighbors cats and attacked child. You are given false information from a trusted source so you might decide to share with a friend or a few family members and they are most in likely to do the same. So what we have here is an circulating lie which often makes people terrified of pit bulls. That is no fair some attacks are pit bulls I do not deny that however a majority of the supposed pit bull attacks are media lies. Also if you search pit bull hero vs pit bull attack you will have thousands in difference but once again a hero pit bull is not what interests people so hardly will the media report it.

I once owned a pom/chi and this dog was the worst dog I have ever owned in my life. If you look at the damn thing wrong it tried to bite you and especially if my daughter was around him he would try to bite her. I rescued him so I felt as if I had to try and work it out but once he bit my daughter he was gone. That is the LAST time I will ever own a dog that is not a pit bull. Pit bulls make are always happy they wag their tail lick you crawl in bed with you all the stuff a companion should do. Not to mention they protect your house and family. I went to a few shelters today in my city and its so sad pit bulls are common to be in a shelter but there was a few that were just so precious. There was one in particular that tried to stick his tongue so far through the fence just to lick you it was cute. I just wish people would open their eyes and see what they are hating. I doubt many of them have even pet a pit bull yet they hate them because of hearsay and untrue facts.

Pit bulls do not notice how big they are OR how much damage they are capable of sometimes a warning nibble turned into a big nip that hurt what ever they were warning. People freak out over that but they need to understand all dogs have likes and dislikes if a dog does not like you trying to hurt him he will let you know. Please meet the real pit bulls before you judge. They are animals too they have likes, dislikes, habits and they share the same feelings we often do pain, fear, abandonment, happiness, being sad etc.

If you have read this far you are a trooper! Lol its very long I know one last thing is that I see hundreds of stories a week (yes literally a week) about abused pit bulls. It sucks because not only do people hate or fear them and judge them they are also always seen as an item or as property. They are not they are companions loving smart little booger head creatures! People behead them, fight them, hang them, light them on fire, starve them all kinds of stuff I don't get it why do people have no respect for pit bulls especially when they do not know them. I seek proof for my thoughts or stories I hear and not once have I ever thought pit bulls should be discriminated abused or killed just because they were born...

Dicks Hamburger Spokane, WA

Dick's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon
My cheap place today is going to be dicks hamburgers. I love this place because it is quick and delicious. I normally get a whammy  (2 patty burger with cheese onions and pickles) and a fry. The whammy's are about $2 and they are of decent size. The tarter sauce is also really good same with the chicken sandwich. The prices are way affordable you can probably feed 10 people (2 whammy's each and a fry) for about $30. Most of their prices are below $3 per item. 

There is a few downfalls remember they do not accept any thing but cash! I have had a few times where I completely forgot. Another thing is that there are only picnic tables outside so there is no where to go inside and sit down. This place is located downtown so there are lots of panhandlers lurking around but most of the time they will not bother you. The fries are not like most fast food places so some do not like them but I do. I would recommend this place for a quick money saving meal.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

News: Dogs nose blown off from a firework

News Story here WARNING the images are so entirely gut wrenching that you may not want to look. Here is just one photo of poor Vucko

Sarajevo, Bosnia

On Friday November 18, 2011 a German Shepard named Vucko was found with its snout blown off by a firework from unknown perpetrators An organization called Av Mau discovered him 5 days after he was dumped and left for dead. Due to the extent of his injuries he had to be put down.

This story has made the world aware that Bosnia does not have laws to protect animals. And that means no justice for Vucko. Unless something is done to change that, unless we stand up and speak for him and the other animals that will encounter this cruelty. Thousands of animals face torment, starvation and abandonment as they rome the streets of Bosnia. The sick people who did this to vucko are able to roam the streets and do this again to another poor animal.

You can help
Av Mau is a very small group of volunteers that are willing to stand up and help these animals before this happens again. They run solely off of donations they collect. If you would like to help or learn more here is the page where that can be done http://inmemoryofvucko.wordpress.com/how-to-help/ 
Donations are not the only way you can help you can write letters to officials, sign the petitions below and/or share with your friends/family.

RIP Vucko.

Here are some images on facebook of Vucko please keep in mind it is very upsetting and it literally shows him without a snout so WARNING very graphic Pictures of Vucko

Please help Vucko get the justice he deserves! Here are some petitions to sign thank you.

Justice for Vucko

 Find the killers and bring them to justice

Petition in Bosnian but translated with google.
Still accepting signatures.

Justice for Vucko thepetitionsite

Thepetitionsite justice for Vucko

Friday, November 18, 2011

Speculating a dog fight is...

So over some research I discovered that watching/attending a dog fight is only a MISDEMEANOR in 25 States. I feel that this is wrong. The people who attend the dog fight are the ones who fund it and are the ones who the "show" is for why isn't there harsher punishments?

They are witnessing animal cruelty, abuse, neglect, murder (in most cases) and they are participating in a felony! Every state its a felony for some one to hold a dog fight so these speculators are contributing but getting off with a misdemeanor makes me sick! These poor dogs are thrown in with each other to fight til the death and in most cases if death did not occur it does after at the hands of the owner.

The owners tend to kill them by electrical shock, strangulation or beating by a weapon and then they dump them in a garbage bag. Even if Animal authorities step in and find out where the rings are being held most if not all of the animals located there will be put down to avoid adopting out a possible "aggressive" dog. Other animals are used as bait to train the dogs for upcoming fights including kittens, cats, puppies, adults dogs, and rabbits. A lot of which you can find for free on craigslist all day long.

There are rewards for those who come forward with information found from workingpitbull.com

The Humane Society of the United States:
offers a reward of up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who organizes dogfights, participates in dogfights, promotes dogfighting, or officiates at dogfights. HSUS personnel state that the amount given will depend on how important the information given is. Personal experience leads me to believe this money may be a bit tough to get from them. Also, for an organization worth over 96 million dollars, I wish they would offer just a bit more. It could really help.
In Defense Of Animals: offers a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of pet thieves. If you have information about these or other pet thieves, please contact: IN DEFENSE OF ANIMALS at 1-800-STOLEN-PET (1-800-786-5367.)
United Kingdom:
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals: offers a 1,000 pound reward for information regarding dog fighting (which leads to a bust). Contact them at: http://www.rspca.org.uk/
Local States:
North Talladega Humane Society:has announced the formation of the "Fund For the Prevention Of Animal Abuse". It's purpose is to offer rewards of from to for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone abusing animals. The more serous offenses being dog fighting and poisoning. This offer is area wide including adjoining counties. Additional information may be had by calling 256-249-3573.
Sangamon and Menard Counties Crime Stoppers: SAD(Stop Abuse of Dogs and other pets) The SAD Program was initiated to combat the increase in dog theft and dog fighting in Sangamon and Menard Counties. The information will be investigated by the proper authorities and if an arrest is made the caller will receive a cash reward. 800.397.2288
New York:
Out of the Pits Rescue:offering a $250 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone promoting or participating in dog fighting in the state of NY. They can be contacted at: www.outofthepits.org
Humane Society of Wayne County: offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of anyone promoting or participating in dog fighting.
The Humane Society of Rochester & Monroe County: at Lollypop Farm 99 Victor Road Fairport, NY 14450 585-223-1330 If you have information regarding animal fighting, contact the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm's Animal Cruelty Hotline at (716) 223-6500 immediately. Rewards of up to $3500 are available for information that leads to the arrest and/or conviction of individuals involved in animal fighting.
Baltimore City Animal Control: $1000 reward offered for information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore City and County. If you have information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore County, call 911. If you have information on dog fighting activity in Baltimore City call Animal Control at (410) 396-4698.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sample letters to congress asking to ban chambers


Dear Senator _____,

I am writing you today to ask if you would consider supporting ___bill___ I believe there are many benefits that this could offer. One benefit being ..... I also believe that by .... it would ..... You will have my full support regarding this matter please help to end this. Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



"I often sent so many I left out the Senators name and just addressed it Dear Senator, it is more personal to include their name. I believe it is best to keep it simple and refrain from personal feelings. It is also best to be polite as you are asking for their help and support so be nice :)."

Dear Senator,

I am writing you today to ask that you consider banning the use of gas chambers in animal facilities in your State. It has been said that there is a cheaper alternative that is more peaceful which is the injection. I know the injection would be time consuming for those facilities however I believe by using the injection it would open more job positions to fulfill the amount of pets to be euthanized. I also believe that by using the injection it would make activists and the States residents happy as well especially since their taxes are being spent on this more expensive way. This alternative would also make environmentalists happier because it would reduce the amount of pollution being produced. If you consider making this change I believe it would have a great impact on the world in all different aspects.

Thank you very much for your time.


Dear Senator ......,

I am writing you today to ask that you consider supporting a ban for  the use of gas chambers in animal facilities in your State.Then state actual facts show stastics. For example over 4 million pets die in gas chambers, gas chambers actually cost more etc.  (please add to this )

Thank you for your time.



(This will take some time to research but if you want help contact me I will help find you everything you need to know if i can )

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask that you support a ban on gas chambers used at animal facilities. They are inhumane and a very cruel way to put animals down. Several other states have made the change to the injection method only including Washington, California, Oregon, New Mexico, and Arizona plus many others. Alabama will become one of those states in 2012 and Lousiana will become a no gassing state in 2013. I urge you to please consider making this change too you will have my full support.



Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Delivery Spokane, WA

I live in Spokane, WA and here are some delivery places I recommend. 

Hong Kong Express on UrbanspoonI love Hong Kong Express. I stumbled upon this place by accident and I am glad I did. The food they serve is asian/chinese food but they give you a large quantity for the price. I normally spent $10 on a dinner meal (2 courses and fried rice) I get the dinner special so it may be a little more for you if you go a different time and it lasts me 3 meals so that's not bad at all. The people are normally very nice and upbeat there is one lady that can sound very rude however she really isn't she is just kind of different. If you get delivery there is a $12 minimum. They also have a buffet for those who want to go in and sit down. You can also pick up your food there and order online. The orange chicken is the best and I would also recommend the teriyaki chicken.

Mr J's Take & Bake Pizza Incorporated on UrbanspoonAnother place I adore is Mr J's take and bake. This place is great. The pizza is a tad greasy and the bread sticks may be too salty for some but I like them salty. The prices are reasonable and the service is terrific. I first learned about them from a flyer I received and I figured ok lets give them a try. That was about 4 years ago and I have not had any problems with them what so ever. I normally get my pizza in a half hour cooked for a little additional. I spend about $13 on an XL pizza with a side of Garlic Cheesy Bread so they are really a great bargain for how much food you get. I believe they accept ebt, competitors coupons and their coupons are a great great deal so be sure to ask for them. If not then there is a coupon section on their website. I took pics of my last order.

Friday, November 4, 2011

How to help animals for free

There are many ways to help animals you may not have the time or available commitment to volunteer or the money to give so here are some idea's to helping animals.

If you have a bit of time you can consider being an advocate for the animals or an activist the two are very similar but in my opinion there is a difference.

Save a dog application-  So this app on facebook allows you to virtually foster a real dog that is in a shelter or a rescue. You can walk the dog and pet it as well as many other dogs. You earn points to give bowls of food and there is also virtually volunteering at a shelter of your choice. Its very easy to use and it does not take a lot of time to earn points. You can also shop for extra points lots of great stores including macy's and best buy. I do not purchase online stuff so I do not know how many points you earn. You can schedule play dates with your RF( rescue friends) but I found it to be way time consuming especially with almost 100 friends so I just told my RF to send up to 5 AS (animal suggestions the virtual fostering of a dog) it saves a lot of time like hours.

Save a cat application-
This app on facebook is much like the save a dog except you cannot earn points by shopping at stores through the app. This is also very easy to use I found it useful to seek your favorite or local shelter and add friends from there to get you a few friends. Your rescue friends are what makes points and feeding animals really possible. You can do it on your own but it is limited to about 300 points a day that you are able to earn. 2500 points equals a cup to animals in need and it is all clicking.You see real animals that are currently in shelters. 

Click to donate-
care2 is one site this is possible. You earn butterly points on this site too (from lots of ways leaving comments signing petitions, taking action etc) and you can turn them in to help various animals.
The animal rescue site allows clicking to donate and when you click you are giving food and care for a pet.
Donate kitty litter you enter your name and email and it will donate kitty litter
Freekibble.com- you answer a trivia question and regardless of your answer food it donated.
FreekibbleKat.com- same as above but for cats. 

SocialVibe- I just signed up but you do activities (clicking) for a cause you choose lots to choose from animals, cancer, wildlife etc. 

If you have any extra cleaning supplies, blankets, towels, cat litter, dog food, bleach is a really common need and things of the sort to donate you can do that too. The shelters are always in need of stuff to be donated.Please check your local shelter website or call them up.

You can start a local pet food bank read here on how to do so. 

You can fund raise- car washes, asking for donations, raking/mowing laws or selling stuff is a great way. 

Google often for ways to donate for free or click to donate because often companies like pedigree or purina hold contests or games to donate food. 

For example PurinaOne has the bowl for bowl on facebook and it was a 4 question trivia which donated up to 20 bowls per person.

The animal rescue site has a facebook page that allows you to play games to donate to animals

Share pages and posts of animals on facebook.

Donate your car- Yes you can donate your car to help animals! Click here

Sign/start petitions some good sites are

If you ok it with the shelter you could post weekly ads for the animals they currently have to help them out. Some places to post are facebook.com craigslist.com or backpage.com it may be really helpful to the shelter to post the adoption fee and requirements.

You can post flyers of animals for adoption again please clear it with the shelter. It may not work so well with a high kill shelter but its worth a try.

You can foster pets contact your local shelter to see what you can do. I am pretty sure most of the time they provide everything needed.

You can also open a rescue group or open a non-profit shelter. I believe there are lots of grants out there to help get your started and you can fundraise for them.

You can write congress and legislators for laws to change. Please be nice! They frown upon gross details and someone who may sound very bold as they are who can take your words and make an action so it is best to be very nice. You can read my blogs on how to basically write them something simple works great.

One of my ways to help is to blog. I am donating every cent I earn from blogging (I love animals and I enjoy blogging its a win win!).  I earn a certain percent per 1000 clicks on my blog or usually $1.00 per click on the google ads. So far I have earned almost $10 that will be donated to Spokane Humane Society then my next donation will go to Spokanimal (even though they are a kill shelter they have asked and asked the city for them to change into a no kill shelter unfortunately they were turned down and do not have the funds to do so on their own). You can use this exact same blog site to earn money with your blog its quite easy and you will be earning in no time! 

Do you have any ideas? Feel free to share!!!!

Must Try's Spokane, WA

I reside in Spokane, WA so you might see a few blogs on it. Today in particular I would like to cover a few restaurants that are good to eat at and are affordable.

Crazy G's

Crazy G's on UrbanspoonMy number one choice is Crazy G's they have a unique story with some very unique food. For Spokane this is not just an ordinary food joint. This place offers variety and quality. My favorite is the Philly cheese steak. They also have this sauce that is mind blowing! It is called the crazy sauce. I absolutely love this place so if you visit Spokane or live here I wholeheartedly recommend Crazy G's. 

This place is not a delivery or fast food type it is an actual restaurant. It is always clean and they really care about their customers. I really value a business that wants to hear what their customers think. This picture is of the philly cheesesteak combo I ordered and I spent about $10 on the whole meal including fries and a drink. I can barely ever finish the fries so I would say there is a good amount of food they give with their combo's. Oh and they also have kids combo's, juice and for adults beer is an option.

                                                    Timber Creek

 If you are in Spokane Valley or don't mind the extra drive I recommend Timber Creek. This place is really great. It is a buffet type of place but far from the Old Country type of buffet. It serves Steak, cotton candy, pasta, soup, ribs and a lot more than just that. The prices were if I can remember right pretty reasonable especially for what they serve.  The place was very clean and the staff were really nice. There was not long lines or screaming kids it was a pretty calm setting. So I do recommend it I wish I could remember how much we paid to eat it was I want to say roughly $25 for two people and kids might have been free. I live in town so I probably will not have a picture to include for awhile.

I called to verify how much it was for adults and it is $13.95

View Menu Here

Dolly's Cafe

Dolly's Cafe on Urbanspoon
I love this restaurant although it is not a huge restaurant it certainly gives you the warming welcoming feeling. The food is delicious and not all that expensive. Most meals are around $10 I normally get the country fried steak or just an eggs, bacon, and hash brown's meal. Your food is always cooked fresh and you are always always served quickly. They do get pretty busy the best time to go in is probably M-F and around 10am. They are only open until 2pm and only serve breakfast and lunch but I would very much recommend this restaurant. Especially if you like the mom and pops type of place this is it!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Are College Online Courses really easier?

Many people take online courses for convenience or because they may have a lot going on work, kids, family etc.
So are online classes easier than on-campus?

In short the answer is no online classes are typically harder.  I have taken several quarters full of online classes at a community college I have discovered online classes are very much harder than on-campus.

One specific reason is because there is not a teacher present to question if you have troubles. In most cases you have to wait days for a response especially if it is the weekend and if the assignment is due Sunday well your out of luck.

Another reason is that it is hard to manage your time correctly. If I can play games or be on facebook it is hard for me to choose homework over fun. If I had a class schedule it would not be as hard for me. You may not have trouble with this but I do so its worth it to mention :).

Another reason is the workload. I found that the workload is almost double compare to a campus class. I figure most teachers think online students are trying to get the easy way out which is commonly thought when taking online classes.

The tests, exams or quizzes are much harder. First off due to cheating most teachers allow only a minute per question so if the test is 45 questions you will have 40-45 minutes to complete the test. Some teachers allow more time but usually not by much. Second it is nerve wrecking (for me at least) to know I have a certain amount of minutes to finish there is usually a timer in the right hand corner.

Typical online courses do not have discussion. Some classes have a discussion post due each week but it is normally only on a certain topic. So for example if the class read 3 chapters for the week on wildlife, dams and erosion the question will be "Name 3 ways erosion occurs" and the other two chapters go undiscussed. I think discussion is a valuable part of learning as it helps you retain information. I struggle with this because discussion helps me learn beyond the textbook.

Have you ever had to turn in work on a friday night? How about a Saturday or Sunday? If you are interested in taking online classes get used to it. Online classes do not always operate the normal Monday through Friday schedule. A majority of my classes have never been on the typical M-F.

Last but not least it may be difficult because you do not have someone physically standing in front of you teaching. Most teachers on campus draw examples, ask questions, and teach you beyond the text. All you have is yourself and your textbook occasionally the internet to explain the actual meaning of the text.

If you are considering online classes and you lead a busy hectic life then start with easy courses and ease your way into the whole online experience. Get a feel for how teachers do things and with easier classes you can get the jist of how the online website works. It is not easy to just jump into an online class you have to learn how to use the website first. I have seen many fail because it took them hours just to figure out how to open assignments or turn them in.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why craigslist can be bad (animals)

Craigslist is a good way to reach people if you are trying to rehome your pet. However it could be the wrong person it reaches especially if you have your pet listed for free. Most animals in danger are kittens and pitbulls. Listing your pets for free could get a lot of interest yes but these free ads are targeted. They are targeted by breeders, dog fighters and just cruel people.

If you have a specific type of dog say a Pomeranian then those can be targeted by breeders of course to make money. Any dog really can be targeted by a breeder it just depends on what type of animal they prefer.Not all breeders are bad some adore animals and it gives them a chance to always have baby animals. I don't dislike them but I wish there weren't so many because our world is over populated with homeless animals.

Dog fighters this is well heartbreaking they take dogs free ones to train their dogs with. They use these free dogs as bait and they usually file down their teeth so they cannot defend themselves.

Cruel people do much of the same just torture the animals because they were free and they can. Some times we are put in a position where we have days to find out pet a home that is understandable but please pay attention to what they say, don't list for free, and visit their home to see what kind of environment the animal will live in. This does not always guarantee they are telling the truth but it will help weed out some of the people.

As for kittens well they often get used as snake food and since there are usually so many free kittens it makes it very easy to feed their snake for free. Kittens usually come as a surprise or from a stray that we take in (I have dealt with 2 litters from this cat I feed ok ok myswell say she is mine :) ) and I know they are a bit to deal with especially if you have a toddler like I do. Boy it is hard to keep my child away from all the cute kitties haha. Anyways if you can just deal with it to find them good homes they have less of a chance of being snake food.

Since I have discovered this information I want to pass it on and it really makes me sad people are so cruel. Its almost unreal to think someone would do that to an animal but it happens. Recently in a animal raid a property had (mostly pits) scattered everywhere most of them malnourished or already dead and I wouldn't doubt they were free dogs from craiglist.... They were tied up and just left there to die. Some luckily were alive but I believe it said nine out of the nineteen were alive.

If you don't think this can happen think again...even a pretend "decent" person could show up to get the animal from you to use them for something other than companions. Its scary the world we live in but we have to take it seriously because animal abuse will continue to happen if we don't!

It is also possible these people are selling these free pets to labs for testing as I have seen stories on people stealing them for fighting or selling them to labs.  

Here is a good link to read another opinion on the topic No free puppies or kittens

here is a heartbreaking story we can't prevent all these sicko's from hurting animals but if you don't list for free it can stop some! Man accused of slaying 29 animals