Monday, November 7, 2011

Good Delivery Spokane, WA

I live in Spokane, WA and here are some delivery places I recommend. 

Hong Kong Express on UrbanspoonI love Hong Kong Express. I stumbled upon this place by accident and I am glad I did. The food they serve is asian/chinese food but they give you a large quantity for the price. I normally spent $10 on a dinner meal (2 courses and fried rice) I get the dinner special so it may be a little more for you if you go a different time and it lasts me 3 meals so that's not bad at all. The people are normally very nice and upbeat there is one lady that can sound very rude however she really isn't she is just kind of different. If you get delivery there is a $12 minimum. They also have a buffet for those who want to go in and sit down. You can also pick up your food there and order online. The orange chicken is the best and I would also recommend the teriyaki chicken.

Mr J's Take & Bake Pizza Incorporated on UrbanspoonAnother place I adore is Mr J's take and bake. This place is great. The pizza is a tad greasy and the bread sticks may be too salty for some but I like them salty. The prices are reasonable and the service is terrific. I first learned about them from a flyer I received and I figured ok lets give them a try. That was about 4 years ago and I have not had any problems with them what so ever. I normally get my pizza in a half hour cooked for a little additional. I spend about $13 on an XL pizza with a side of Garlic Cheesy Bread so they are really a great bargain for how much food you get. I believe they accept ebt, competitors coupons and their coupons are a great great deal so be sure to ask for them. If not then there is a coupon section on their website. I took pics of my last order.

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