Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dicks Hamburger Spokane, WA

Dick's Hamburgers on Urbanspoon
My cheap place today is going to be dicks hamburgers. I love this place because it is quick and delicious. I normally get a whammy  (2 patty burger with cheese onions and pickles) and a fry. The whammy's are about $2 and they are of decent size. The tarter sauce is also really good same with the chicken sandwich. The prices are way affordable you can probably feed 10 people (2 whammy's each and a fry) for about $30. Most of their prices are below $3 per item. 

There is a few downfalls remember they do not accept any thing but cash! I have had a few times where I completely forgot. Another thing is that there are only picnic tables outside so there is no where to go inside and sit down. This place is located downtown so there are lots of panhandlers lurking around but most of the time they will not bother you. The fries are not like most fast food places so some do not like them but I do. I would recommend this place for a quick money saving meal.


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