Friday, November 4, 2011

How to help animals for free

There are many ways to help animals you may not have the time or available commitment to volunteer or the money to give so here are some idea's to helping animals.

If you have a bit of time you can consider being an advocate for the animals or an activist the two are very similar but in my opinion there is a difference.

Save a dog application-  So this app on facebook allows you to virtually foster a real dog that is in a shelter or a rescue. You can walk the dog and pet it as well as many other dogs. You earn points to give bowls of food and there is also virtually volunteering at a shelter of your choice. Its very easy to use and it does not take a lot of time to earn points. You can also shop for extra points lots of great stores including macy's and best buy. I do not purchase online stuff so I do not know how many points you earn. You can schedule play dates with your RF( rescue friends) but I found it to be way time consuming especially with almost 100 friends so I just told my RF to send up to 5 AS (animal suggestions the virtual fostering of a dog) it saves a lot of time like hours.

Save a cat application-
This app on facebook is much like the save a dog except you cannot earn points by shopping at stores through the app. This is also very easy to use I found it useful to seek your favorite or local shelter and add friends from there to get you a few friends. Your rescue friends are what makes points and feeding animals really possible. You can do it on your own but it is limited to about 300 points a day that you are able to earn. 2500 points equals a cup to animals in need and it is all clicking.You see real animals that are currently in shelters. 

Click to donate-
care2 is one site this is possible. You earn butterly points on this site too (from lots of ways leaving comments signing petitions, taking action etc) and you can turn them in to help various animals.
The animal rescue site allows clicking to donate and when you click you are giving food and care for a pet.
Donate kitty litter you enter your name and email and it will donate kitty litter you answer a trivia question and regardless of your answer food it donated. same as above but for cats. 

SocialVibe- I just signed up but you do activities (clicking) for a cause you choose lots to choose from animals, cancer, wildlife etc. 

If you have any extra cleaning supplies, blankets, towels, cat litter, dog food, bleach is a really common need and things of the sort to donate you can do that too. The shelters are always in need of stuff to be donated.Please check your local shelter website or call them up.

You can start a local pet food bank read here on how to do so. 

You can fund raise- car washes, asking for donations, raking/mowing laws or selling stuff is a great way. 

Google often for ways to donate for free or click to donate because often companies like pedigree or purina hold contests or games to donate food. 

For example PurinaOne has the bowl for bowl on facebook and it was a 4 question trivia which donated up to 20 bowls per person.

The animal rescue site has a facebook page that allows you to play games to donate to animals

Share pages and posts of animals on facebook.

Donate your car- Yes you can donate your car to help animals! Click here

Sign/start petitions some good sites are

If you ok it with the shelter you could post weekly ads for the animals they currently have to help them out. Some places to post are or it may be really helpful to the shelter to post the adoption fee and requirements.

You can post flyers of animals for adoption again please clear it with the shelter. It may not work so well with a high kill shelter but its worth a try.

You can foster pets contact your local shelter to see what you can do. I am pretty sure most of the time they provide everything needed.

You can also open a rescue group or open a non-profit shelter. I believe there are lots of grants out there to help get your started and you can fundraise for them.

You can write congress and legislators for laws to change. Please be nice! They frown upon gross details and someone who may sound very bold as they are who can take your words and make an action so it is best to be very nice. You can read my blogs on how to basically write them something simple works great.

One of my ways to help is to blog. I am donating every cent I earn from blogging (I love animals and I enjoy blogging its a win win!).  I earn a certain percent per 1000 clicks on my blog or usually $1.00 per click on the google ads. So far I have earned almost $10 that will be donated to Spokane Humane Society then my next donation will go to Spokanimal (even though they are a kill shelter they have asked and asked the city for them to change into a no kill shelter unfortunately they were turned down and do not have the funds to do so on their own). You can use this exact same blog site to earn money with your blog its quite easy and you will be earning in no time! 

Do you have any ideas? Feel free to share!!!!

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