Sunday, November 20, 2011

News: Dogs nose blown off from a firework

News Story here WARNING the images are so entirely gut wrenching that you may not want to look. Here is just one photo of poor Vucko

Sarajevo, Bosnia

On Friday November 18, 2011 a German Shepard named Vucko was found with its snout blown off by a firework from unknown perpetrators An organization called Av Mau discovered him 5 days after he was dumped and left for dead. Due to the extent of his injuries he had to be put down.

This story has made the world aware that Bosnia does not have laws to protect animals. And that means no justice for Vucko. Unless something is done to change that, unless we stand up and speak for him and the other animals that will encounter this cruelty. Thousands of animals face torment, starvation and abandonment as they rome the streets of Bosnia. The sick people who did this to vucko are able to roam the streets and do this again to another poor animal.

You can help
Av Mau is a very small group of volunteers that are willing to stand up and help these animals before this happens again. They run solely off of donations they collect. If you would like to help or learn more here is the page where that can be done 
Donations are not the only way you can help you can write letters to officials, sign the petitions below and/or share with your friends/family.

RIP Vucko.

Here are some images on facebook of Vucko please keep in mind it is very upsetting and it literally shows him without a snout so WARNING very graphic Pictures of Vucko

Please help Vucko get the justice he deserves! Here are some petitions to sign thank you.

Justice for Vucko

 Find the killers and bring them to justice

Petition in Bosnian but translated with google.
Still accepting signatures.

Justice for Vucko thepetitionsite

Thepetitionsite justice for Vucko


  1. I have created a website in memory of Vucko - everyone, please come and visit.
    If you can spare $1 or 1 Euro or 1 of anything for Av Mau, the volunteer organisation who found him and who are trying to save other abused and suffering dogs, then Vucko will not have died in vain.

  2. Hi Sandra if you don't mind I am going to include the link in my blog post ;).

  3. My eyes are streaming with tears right now. How a human being could be capable of such a thing I will never know! They people responsible should have the death penalty for such cruelty and malice! A sweet animal like this one is entitled to a long happy life JUST like a human being! Life is life no matter what possesses it! This angers me so and strikes a great deal of remorse and sorrow into my soul. Thank you, Sandra! The world needs more people like you who are not selfish. Most people will see the link to this page and ignore it. It is indeed a sad world we live in! RIP Vucko!

  4. Hiya! Have you ever thought, has your writting level gone any better recently?