Friday, November 4, 2011

Must Try's Spokane, WA

I reside in Spokane, WA so you might see a few blogs on it. Today in particular I would like to cover a few restaurants that are good to eat at and are affordable.

Crazy G's

Crazy G's on UrbanspoonMy number one choice is Crazy G's they have a unique story with some very unique food. For Spokane this is not just an ordinary food joint. This place offers variety and quality. My favorite is the Philly cheese steak. They also have this sauce that is mind blowing! It is called the crazy sauce. I absolutely love this place so if you visit Spokane or live here I wholeheartedly recommend Crazy G's. 

This place is not a delivery or fast food type it is an actual restaurant. It is always clean and they really care about their customers. I really value a business that wants to hear what their customers think. This picture is of the philly cheesesteak combo I ordered and I spent about $10 on the whole meal including fries and a drink. I can barely ever finish the fries so I would say there is a good amount of food they give with their combo's. Oh and they also have kids combo's, juice and for adults beer is an option.

                                                    Timber Creek

 If you are in Spokane Valley or don't mind the extra drive I recommend Timber Creek. This place is really great. It is a buffet type of place but far from the Old Country type of buffet. It serves Steak, cotton candy, pasta, soup, ribs and a lot more than just that. The prices were if I can remember right pretty reasonable especially for what they serve.  The place was very clean and the staff were really nice. There was not long lines or screaming kids it was a pretty calm setting. So I do recommend it I wish I could remember how much we paid to eat it was I want to say roughly $25 for two people and kids might have been free. I live in town so I probably will not have a picture to include for awhile.

I called to verify how much it was for adults and it is $13.95

View Menu Here

Dolly's Cafe

Dolly's Cafe on Urbanspoon
I love this restaurant although it is not a huge restaurant it certainly gives you the warming welcoming feeling. The food is delicious and not all that expensive. Most meals are around $10 I normally get the country fried steak or just an eggs, bacon, and hash brown's meal. Your food is always cooked fresh and you are always always served quickly. They do get pretty busy the best time to go in is probably M-F and around 10am. They are only open until 2pm and only serve breakfast and lunch but I would very much recommend this restaurant. Especially if you like the mom and pops type of place this is it!


  1. cool! i've been to Washington a long time ago... I went to the space museum etc.. and saw the White house... nice place! And I'm yet to see Spokane, sounds like a cool place. :D

  2. I live in Washington state but I hope one day to visit DC that would be awesome!