Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A real personal view on pit bulls/media lies

I have been raised around pit bulls my entire life I am 22 now and like most people I will say it honestly depends on how the dog was raised. Pit bulls are very smart creatures and if they are taught to attack they are going to do what they know but if they are taught to love that is all they know. One thing I learned really fast is that the people who do not favor pit bulls really do not have a valid reason. Most will say well I read this or that.

I have also noticed the media fibs a LOT just to get a story and people to take interest even dogs that have no relation or similar features are named in the article as vicious pit bull. Do not always believe what you hear on the news but you should believe your own experiences. So back to the media my first thought was why would they lie? It is more important to get attention than to tell the truth. Most people wouldn't be interested if the title said lab mix bites child in face compare to vicious pit bull attack rips girls face off nearly died.

My experiences have been so great that I will not once say I have ever felt threatened, scared nor have I ever been hurt. Pit bulls to me are so very loyal and most are just big ol lugs that think they are tiny little lap pups haha. Although pit bulls are very strong that shouldn't be a reason to hate them. Anything can kill you yet I bet you still have stuff in your house right? For instance my tv blew after it was off for a day and a half caught on fire I was sleeping maybe 7 feet away when the glass blew out. It is just silly to me that people argue so far to where they have to resort to well they can kill you my reply is just like I said above a bee can kill you are you kidding me?

My one very very annoyed topic is when the media does not correct themselves (they do it on purpose but still doesn't make it right not to correct it). I hate this because say you read the news article Pit bull on a killing spree killed 3 neighbors cats and attacked child. You are given false information from a trusted source so you might decide to share with a friend or a few family members and they are most in likely to do the same. So what we have here is an circulating lie which often makes people terrified of pit bulls. That is no fair some attacks are pit bulls I do not deny that however a majority of the supposed pit bull attacks are media lies. Also if you search pit bull hero vs pit bull attack you will have thousands in difference but once again a hero pit bull is not what interests people so hardly will the media report it.

I once owned a pom/chi and this dog was the worst dog I have ever owned in my life. If you look at the damn thing wrong it tried to bite you and especially if my daughter was around him he would try to bite her. I rescued him so I felt as if I had to try and work it out but once he bit my daughter he was gone. That is the LAST time I will ever own a dog that is not a pit bull. Pit bulls make are always happy they wag their tail lick you crawl in bed with you all the stuff a companion should do. Not to mention they protect your house and family. I went to a few shelters today in my city and its so sad pit bulls are common to be in a shelter but there was a few that were just so precious. There was one in particular that tried to stick his tongue so far through the fence just to lick you it was cute. I just wish people would open their eyes and see what they are hating. I doubt many of them have even pet a pit bull yet they hate them because of hearsay and untrue facts.

Pit bulls do not notice how big they are OR how much damage they are capable of sometimes a warning nibble turned into a big nip that hurt what ever they were warning. People freak out over that but they need to understand all dogs have likes and dislikes if a dog does not like you trying to hurt him he will let you know. Please meet the real pit bulls before you judge. They are animals too they have likes, dislikes, habits and they share the same feelings we often do pain, fear, abandonment, happiness, being sad etc.

If you have read this far you are a trooper! Lol its very long I know one last thing is that I see hundreds of stories a week (yes literally a week) about abused pit bulls. It sucks because not only do people hate or fear them and judge them they are also always seen as an item or as property. They are not they are companions loving smart little booger head creatures! People behead them, fight them, hang them, light them on fire, starve them all kinds of stuff I don't get it why do people have no respect for pit bulls especially when they do not know them. I seek proof for my thoughts or stories I hear and not once have I ever thought pit bulls should be discriminated abused or killed just because they were born...


  1. I am so glade I cam across this, as right now I too am trying to make people more aware of pit-bulls. I hate how everyone has this 'picture' of them being mean and horrible dogs, and yes your right the media only report what people want to hear and what will sell - there are so many other type of dogs who attack and are mean yet you very hear of them. People need to wake up and understand they cant beilive everything they get told from by the media!!