Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Why craigslist can be bad (animals)

Craigslist is a good way to reach people if you are trying to rehome your pet. However it could be the wrong person it reaches especially if you have your pet listed for free. Most animals in danger are kittens and pitbulls. Listing your pets for free could get a lot of interest yes but these free ads are targeted. They are targeted by breeders, dog fighters and just cruel people.

If you have a specific type of dog say a Pomeranian then those can be targeted by breeders of course to make money. Any dog really can be targeted by a breeder it just depends on what type of animal they prefer.Not all breeders are bad some adore animals and it gives them a chance to always have baby animals. I don't dislike them but I wish there weren't so many because our world is over populated with homeless animals.

Dog fighters this is well heartbreaking they take dogs free ones to train their dogs with. They use these free dogs as bait and they usually file down their teeth so they cannot defend themselves.

Cruel people do much of the same just torture the animals because they were free and they can. Some times we are put in a position where we have days to find out pet a home that is understandable but please pay attention to what they say, don't list for free, and visit their home to see what kind of environment the animal will live in. This does not always guarantee they are telling the truth but it will help weed out some of the people.

As for kittens well they often get used as snake food and since there are usually so many free kittens it makes it very easy to feed their snake for free. Kittens usually come as a surprise or from a stray that we take in (I have dealt with 2 litters from this cat I feed ok ok myswell say she is mine :) ) and I know they are a bit to deal with especially if you have a toddler like I do. Boy it is hard to keep my child away from all the cute kitties haha. Anyways if you can just deal with it to find them good homes they have less of a chance of being snake food.

Since I have discovered this information I want to pass it on and it really makes me sad people are so cruel. Its almost unreal to think someone would do that to an animal but it happens. Recently in a animal raid a property had (mostly pits) scattered everywhere most of them malnourished or already dead and I wouldn't doubt they were free dogs from craiglist.... They were tied up and just left there to die. Some luckily were alive but I believe it said nine out of the nineteen were alive.

If you don't think this can happen think again...even a pretend "decent" person could show up to get the animal from you to use them for something other than companions. Its scary the world we live in but we have to take it seriously because animal abuse will continue to happen if we don't!

It is also possible these people are selling these free pets to labs for testing as I have seen stories on people stealing them for fighting or selling them to labs.  

Here is a good link to read another opinion on the topic No free puppies or kittens

here is a heartbreaking story we can't prevent all these sicko's from hurting animals but if you don't list for free it can stop some! Man accused of slaying 29 animals 

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