Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dewey's Burger's Spokane WA

First impressions for me are always the most important.

The burgers were pretty basic the fries were good. Both the waiter and owner came and asked my daughter and I how the food was. I like to see when an owner is involved with his business to me that shows that he truly cares about who walks through his door. The place was very clean and had a good atmosphere

I did however feel like I was judged I rolled out of bed to get my car worked on at Ulricks and wasn't up to "par" that day. By judged I mean I felt like the waiter kept a very good eye on me I was with my 3 year old so I can't exactly say what she may have been watching for but I sure wasn't considering doing a dine and dash if that is what she thought lol. I am very young looking so maybe she had reason I don't know but it is nerve wrecking for me to be stared at while I am trying to eat the entire time. I couldn't even finish my burger I was that bothered by it.

The meal was almost $11 and to me nothing really stood out burger was ok, fries were good, service was ok minus the awkward feeling of being watched, owner was nice, and the place was very clean. The prices were reasonable about $10-15 for a meal depending on what you get I think some meals were more too. I honestly think how I was being stared at ruined the whole experience for me I don't think I will ever be returning.

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