Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Enjoy the holiday with your pets.

How to keep your pet safe for the holiday's-

I know holidays are about decorations, food, family, giving and a great time. There are a few things to keep an eye out for to avoid your pet getting hurt or you having to pay enormous vet bills.

Poinsettia's, holiday plants and tinsel seem to always attract pets but these can have very fatal outcomes so try to keep them out of reach from your pet.

Christmas lights and lights on the tree can also cause problems make sure the cords are tucked away so they cannot be chewed on or played with.

If you purchase a real tree be careful about your pet drinking the water because there are toxins that are released so they can be harmful to your pets.

Be careful of glass ornaments especially if you have cats or overexcited/curious dogs these can easily fall and break causing multiple injuries and if you  have that type of pet they might even try to consume the pieces.

Try to only feed your pet their regular food. It's the holidays and they are apart of your family but things like chocolate or bones can be very fatal. Candy can cause many problems and bones can splinter and harm your pet.

Things like cat nip or meat should not be kept in a stocking near a fireplace pets have the best noses!

The best things to gift your pet are new bowls, new treats, collars/leash, toys, soft pet food if you don't already give it to them and cat nip are some idea's.

Remember to dispose of your wrapping paper and ribbon strings as these can become play toys for animals. 

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