Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why America hates pitbulls and why I don't understand

My philosophy is if you can't understand my passion or trust my word for it take a trip to a shelter meet a pit bull and experience it for yourself. Here is where I come from... I have eaten in the same room as pit bulls... hell off the same plate.... shared the same bed.... under the same roof that to me is trust. I was raised with pit bulls since I was born literally I feel if I can trust them with my life then why can't others? I never felt threatened or even close. I always felt secure and loved. I have helped some through parvo and helped another give birth to her babies.

After hearing the same stories and bad rep as you why don't I hate them? I believe It is because I have gotten to know the breed as a whole I do not single out a few stories to base my opinion. My opinion is based off of my PERSONAL EXPERIENCE I knew. I can't show you what I have seen/experienced but you can see for yourself if you will allow it.

Some think why bother who cares? I can answer that simply because pits are hated based on 85% of people who have never owned one and only hear stories. Now cities are following suit banning and killing loving family dogs all because of a few untrue stories or bad apples. These dogs are ripped from families with children because people hate them and do not give them a chance. Please don't get me wrong there are tragedies that happen with pit bulls I will never deny that but not all dogs are the same just like not all people are the same.

I mean specifically where do you hear your information? Have you verified any of it? For example when you read a story "brutal attack pit bull killed" have you ever once verified if it was even a pit bull? What about from a friend does your hatred or fear come from stories told by people you trust? Did you just meet one pit bull and call it quits on the whole breed? Was there a story in particular that you have unbearable fear from? Was causes your dislike is it more fear or hatred?

 I can't blame people for believing what they hear. We trust the media they give us all the gushy details going on in our neighborhoods and warn us when snow is coming our way but you have to remember they have a job to do. News isn't their only job; viewers is a huge part of it without viewers there would be no news right? Flashy titles is the only thing that is going to draw attention in some cases the media fibs quite a bit just for views.

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