Sunday, December 4, 2011

Will YOU take action before tragedy occurs?

I have seen a petition go from 400 signatures to almost 10,000 in two days (against North Carolina's breed ban) I often wonder why people only take action when a crisis occurs? For example I have pushed and pushed a petition to make all 50 states change speculating a dog fight to be a felony.... Even as much as I spread it around I have just under 800 signatures (created it weeks ago) even though the problem is continuously going on  there is no crisis (no laws changing etc) so its not a priority until the facts are laid out to let people know its a problem.

I understand having to see something in order to believe it is a real issue but I see it every day I constantly see new cities banning pit bulls due to the few "vicious" ones (also some are in relation to fighting dogs) or often I see stories about a ring bust (dog fighting ring) or property where many dogs were seized that were suspected to be fighting dogs or many former fighting dogs found hung or starved its sick but until its all laid out on the table people don't see it they don't see that each and every petition has a meaning.

If we keep sharing and working as hard as we do when a crisis occurs I honestly think we can stop bad things from happening sooner. If you have a little bit of time share share share! My philosophy is that when a crisis occurs there is a time crunch yes people take it more seriously but petitions need time for people to take notice so if we start treating everything like a crisis we CAN make a huge difference on our own time and before disaster strikes!!!!!!!!

Facebook and care2 are where I post and share petitions or stories which is fairly easy and really helps the petitioner reach his or her goal. One page I particularly like is on facebook called One petition a day keeps disaster at bay you can find the link here or search them on facebook there are great petitions posted there from various websites. If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment I spend about half my day on petitions and reposting so I would love to hear about other places.


  1. It is AMAZING how people do not want to hear about animals!!! I live in a HORRIBLE area and they all think that animals are worthless and when you are tired of DUMP them!! I have rescued so many in my own neighborhood!!! I applaud you for everything you are doing!!!

  2. I fully agree its hard to get people to open their eyes. Thank you that is great of you to rescue animals! Hopefully one day this world will accept that animals are living creatures and not trash.