Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two best reward sites


This is the first reward site I took seriously I didn't think they actually existed. This site has so many ways to earn and it really pays. It offers amazon, paypal, walmart and so many more gift cards. The most rewarding way to earn is from filling out offers, watching video's, searching and doing survey's all optional of course.Be sure to look over some of my older posts to help maximize your earnings.


This reward site is really cool. It has a lot of ways to earn. It has special offers, video's, contests and a chat box though. The best part is that your rewards are instant so you won't ever have to wait weeks for your gift cards. Once you cash out you can use the cards immediately. It's really easy to earn a few dollars a day in with little work. Like most reward sites it takes awhile to get into the groove of it just check my previous posts for help and advice you should do fine!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

App that pays like cash back!

I have been gettting into couponing/freebies and came across this post about an app you can make money off of. I went to walmart earlier today before I saw the post and bought somethings we needed including pizza for dinner. After downloading the app I noticed they had the pizza on there that I bought so I thought ok lets try this.

1. I did the two tasks which was click and read something and the other was to answer a 1 question poll.

2. I took a pic of the receipt from my earlier purchase and about 15 minutes later it said approved I was credited $5 (a bonus for using someone's invite link) and .50 cents cash back for buying that pizza brand (some offers are worth more I'll get into that later).

3. The minimum to cashout is $5 I cashed out and had the money sent to my paypal immediately!

Some offers are worth more for example one offer for stove top was $1 (if you go to the store and buy it that's like getting your money back!) another was for $1.75 for capri sun purchase (that's like almost free too).

The app is called Ibotta and the only way to get your points is to upload a pic of your receipt but to get the points you read a recipe or take a 1 question poll and then upload receipt and you'll get those points for the tasks if that makes sense?

If you'd like to sign up and get the $5 bonus you can sign up through my invite link https://ibotta.com/register?friend=MgLDfA here. Please note this bonus can change at any time they do not tell us.

I didn't get the bonus when I signed up and there was no mention of it (besides the lady's post) until I uploaded a pic of the receipt then I got the bonus so don't panic like I did when I didn't get my $5 lol.I couldn't find anywhere that said it had to be a recent purchase so maybe try your luck with old receipts if the items are on there!

Good luck let me know how if you like it!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcement superpoints shut down!

Superpoints shut down. From what I understand there was no warning and this is their statement

Dear Superpoints members,
At the end of January, 2011 the current team began to manage operations of Superpoints.com on behalf of its owner, Superpoints, LLC, in the hopes that we could build a great rewards community. We did our best, but unfortunately Superpoints, LLC has decided to cancel our management relationship and take back management of the site.
Unfortunately we are forced to suspend access to Superpoints.com and members will no longer have access to the site as of 3:00 pm central time on November 7th, 2012. We’re saddened to have to take this action, but extenuating circumstances have forced our hand. We’ll do our best to complete fulfillments on a timely basis for those rewards claimed prior to the site’s suspension.

Anyone with points still in their account lost them. I was never too serious about this site but I couldn't imagine being what it is like for those who did and had a lot of points.  There is a possibility that the management will keep the site up so hope for the best!

Make money from home / free gift cards list

These are sites you can earn money  / gift cards off of for free. 

Instagiftcards the ultimate best one!


Bing rewards:

Be sure to check out my other posts for other ways to earn. 

Easy way to create multiple emails


Mail.com is a free email website. You fill out one page and blam you have an account. The best part about this is that from the one account you made you can create more accounts.

Once you sign up and you are in your inbox there is a navigation pane one the left it will say "mail collector" click that and this opens up a screen.

Then go to "create aliases"

Then click "create new email address"

Now pick an email click create then save

There you go fast way to create emails and more time to do offers!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iphone apps that make money IOS

I searched this the other day looking to take on some new apps to earn rewards and couldn't find a thing on it. So I'll cover the ones I know about. This is not a list of how to make an app to make money this is a list of what apps are out there already and you can download to earn gift cards/rewards.

App Joy- Get points for downloading apps. They offer amazon and itunes.

Realpoints- This is like app joy and app trailers combined there are app downloads and video's to earn points.

App trailers- Watch commercials for points. You can also download apps for extra points this is a hit or miss you might get extra points and you might not. This one offers paypal, amazon, ebay, itunes and more.

Supergift card reward-  This one isn't bad you download apps for points. There aren't many ways to earn on this one sometimes they don't even have downloads but the points add up quickly. You get a bonus for logging in everyday.

Checkpoints- This app is a bar code scanner so while shopping you scan barcodes of products. The gift cards are a little high... for example a $10 was like 3200 points.

Viggle- this app rewards you for watching tv shows. You check in saying that you are watching that show and put your phone down and once that show is over you get points.

Bamboo wallet- I don't know much about this one haven't tried it

Shop kick- haven't tried this either but its an app where you can get points for walking into stores.

Qriket- This one is a qr code scanner add friends to rescan their scans or look online. Rewards depend on games. Paypal $5 min cashout

Swagbucks sbtv mobile-watch videos for points 50 points a day max you can now redeem your points through this app.

Ibotta- This is a cash back type of app if you buy what's on their offers like kool aid for example they'll give you usually $1 back sometimes less. You go shopping go home upload your receipt and scan the barcode. This offers paypal $5 min cash out.

Make money from home

The following list will be of reward sites. These are sites that you do various tasks to earn points which you then trade in for gift cards (some have paypal which is just like cash). They are free to sign up and most of the things on the sites are free I made over $1200 so far.

Most of these I have actually been paid from so I will vouch that they are legit and good companies.

The gift cards range per site some have almost every gift card you can think of and some only have the basic demands like amazon, walmart etc. They will almost always be e gift cards meaning an online gift card so you have to print it out or use it at the company's website. Walmart is such a special one though you can use your e cards to purchase a physical card and have it sent in the mail through walmart.com so keep that in mind for christmas!

These sites are overwhelming at first but very rewarding in the end you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Also I know firsthand that feeling of skepticism so try small at first get enough points for the minimum gift card offered I recommend instagc if you want to just see if these actually pay their cashout is only $1 for amazon which you can apply to your account immediately after you push the redeem button. You will have to verify your account on your first cashout but its a simple text or call that comes in minutes. Read my other posts I always posts tips to getting the most points for my favorite sites.

Instagiftcards: Many ways to earn mostly a special offer site and there are so many gift cards to choose from and also a check option

Swagbucks:  Many ways to earn, almost every gift card you can imagine is offered as well as paypal.

Bing rewards: This is pretty simple not a lot of ways to earn points you search for things ( like performing a search on google just on bing) a certain amount of times a day and that's all. Tango is a good card you can get amazon with that other than that bing offers microsoft points and some other good ones.

Some things to remember:

You won't get rich off these 

They take time 

How much you make depends on how much time you invest a few minutes a day is still worth it but if you want to spend all day then yeah its really worth it. 

You might get tired quick. A lot of these sites are similar its entering emails over and over or watching video's or answer the same demographic questions on survey's. Blah it gets tiring.

but in the end its satisfying well to me at least I can help pay bills, help buy clothes/household necessities, have money in my amazon to buy gifts for holidays, I bought my hubby a kindle which he loves and I never see for $180. I bought my daughter a $200 jumping castle for her birthday and was able to still get her presents. And best of all I can stay home haha :) love that part.   


Earn free gift cards for xbox live

Here is a pic of my cashouts for September and October.$140!

Click the link to sign up I get walmart cards but you can redeem for many other gift cards. The gift cards are instant once you earn enough you get your gift card code right away!

Instagc offers what if's/help

amazon gift card for free

How to get offers to credit?
-Have a new email a real one not disposable go to msn , aol, yahoo what ever create a new account and do this as often as you can. Lots of offers are by the same company and the company is basically paying for "new information".
-Go slow take your time and enter in your real information.
- Go to the end of the offer until you cannot go anymore.
- Clear your browser cookies/history often. Since your history and cookies save information some offers recognize that you have already done an offer for their company.
- Read the requirements
-Firefox is the best browser to use. 

What if an offer doesn't credit?
Well this depends on what you want to do. I usually just retry the offer with a new email and hope it works. All of the offer walls have places to send tickets look in the right hand corner of the wall page and it should say "help" or "support" or something like that.Sometimes its not so easy they can be real air heads at times they will ask over and over for the same info you provided. If that happens open a ticket with instagc or tell them firmly you completed the offer and provided what was asked for. Most cases that will work.

These are common for fraud so to protect the site instagc will hold your points for about a week to make sure you aren't making orders and cancelling or using fake/stolen information. You will get the points if it clears though so don't worry if your points are locked. These kind of offers are risky but sometimes worth it for example I did a big fish offer for a monthly subscription well I got a code in the mail for a free month so I got almost $10 in points for free and a free month of unlimited full edition games.

Like on any site the downloads come with some hefty malware some simple to remove some that takes days (yea speaking from experience grr malware!). A lot of members recommend sandboxie this protects your computer from any malware and all of your downloads.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I made over $1,000 for FREE!!!!!

October 2012- 

Its the end of October happy halloween everyone!! Here is my update to what I earned now.If you haven't read any of my other posts I do reward sites and what I do varies from site to site some are video's survey's offers and some are iphone apps where I recommend products, watch video's etc.

Instagiftcards: $235 since May
Swagbucks: $570 since March

Bing rewards: $35 Since June

These next few are iphone apps-
App Joy- $5 since a few days ago so like beg of Nov
App trailers- $4 beg of Nov

Irazoo: $25
Viggle:  $40
Checkpoints: $16

Grand total of $1,076

Update: I have deleted some of the above in the list due to them not being available any more then I realized it was apart of my list lol oh well :). 

Plus I did another smoking survey this month and got $30. So around $150 total for survey's. When you do survey's sometimes you get the opportunity to continue it outside of the reward site. This only happens once in awhile when the research company wants more than the initial survey. The smoking survey I did was less than 5 minutes and I have done several over the last few months. I also did another survey about smoking they sent me 12 packs and wanted my opinion on them and I got paid. Ps... I took off the wrapper that identified what kind they were (wasn't suppose to haha) and they were marbs, camels,and red newports sorry but that's heaven for a smoker getting a free carton+some and getting paid best survey ever!

Grand total including survey's $1,226.00

Friday, October 26, 2012

Instagc brief


where to get walmart gift card

There is a lot to take in at first so hopefully I can help make it easier.

What is instagc?
Instagc is a earn and reward site. Basically you can earn points for doing different things most of them are free. The points you earn can be cashed in for instant gift cards to amazon, best buy, walmart and lots more.They now offer a check option (this is not instant and will get mailed to your address)

Why should you?
Well I do it because I like being on the computer and at the same time I can help with bills/necessities/gifts etc. So you have to find a motivation. Do you want a new ipad and don't/won''t ever have the means to get one? Well this may be for you then. Or are you a stay at home mom/dad and want to help like I do? This is definitely for you 90% of the people I have chatted with are stay at home moms usually with 5 or more children so it really helps their family stay afloat and get the extra stuff they normally wouldn't be able to afford.

How much can you earn?
Well that depends on you and your patience.One day I have made $70 (including trials and winning the daily contest) another I made $40+ (again including trials and winning the daily contest) and most days its $2-$5

How do you get/use the gift cards?
Unlike most reward sites instagc definitely has a pro. Instagc will instantly give you the code to your e-gift card seconds after you click redeem. So lets say you have 100.00 points this means you have $1 in points say you want the $1 amazon card go to redeem points on the left click redeem for the $1 amazon and bam there is your code ready to be applied to your amazon account. Hence the "insta" in instagc definitely lives up to its name :).

Chat box
If you need help most of the members are very helpful just be sure to abide by the rules

Your first cashout-
You will need to verify your account by phone and or text message to receive your payment this is only one time so be sure to use a real phone number upon signup or change it before you cashout to your real number because you will need to verify.

Other info:
Don't lie!!! Its grounds for banning if you use incorrect information..... but using a new email is fine. So just always make sure to use your real info. Also you must be 13 or older. I have many other blogs on instagc if you need any more help please keep in mind the site has grown and changed a lot so some of the information may be weird (like looks of the site or whatever) but I have been a member for over a year I joined when there was only one wall and now they have like 10+ so much has changed!

Happy earning!!!!!!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

New updates for instagc

instant gift cards 
There are so many changes I would like to cover. There is a new layout and many new things added.

First there is a code that randomly pops up in chat the first person to enter it will get the points. You have to type "chat-" and what ever follows a lot of people were forgetting the first part. Second where to enter it there is a clickable link below the chat box that says "redeem a booster code" you can click that or when the code pops up in chat you can click  the blue text that says "enter". It will open the page that you can enter the code on.

Another change is there are offer walls now including super rewards, super sonic, matomy money, radium one, virool and peanut labs. To get to the offer wall right above the chat box it says offer walls click that and you will have an extensive list to choose from.

The chat- I want to cover this because I am one of the many who broke the rules during chat. You have to read the rules basically keep it civil, no talking about other reward sites period, no sharing any personal information like emails screen names etc. I don't want you guys getting banned from chat it really helps to be able to talk with others and share advice. So just make sure to read the rules to do so in the chat box at the top there is a open book click that a pop up will open with the rules. 

Now there is a feature where you can share your cashouts with google, facebook, and twitter! Go to your account and you can add these sites and the next time you cash out it will post to what ever site you linked. 

I have had a lot of people sign up and never return. This is a reward site where you can cash out with as little as $1 and that is about 2 offers which normally take 5 minutes or less depending on which ones you choose. And on top of that you get your gift cards instantly I literally mean you push redeem and you get your gift code with in seconds.

I have literally made almost $100 in about a month with all the new changes. Anyways if you need any help you are welcome to contact me through the comment box below or on the chat box. See you there :).

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to find a code on swagbucks

I see this question a lot.... How and where to find a code. Swagbuck codes are a few point scavenger hunt basically that get released usually once a day. There are rarely any codes ever given out on the weekend and rarely any codes past like 5pm. The easiest way for me to find out if a code is out is to check the facebook page swagbucks special offers that credit or the main swagbucks facebook page. There you will find posts (if a code is even out) saying a code is out and usually where it is. Most people will give hint like tweet tweet is twitter or check the blog or facebook.

You can also check the swidget on my blog here it will be the black and white box and push the button that says swag codes then click for for a code and it will give you the hint as to where it is or it will say sorry there is no code out.

So lets say you did all of that and your like now what? Find your code copy and paste it exactly as it is make sure and double sure you do not include any spaces after the code.

Codes are typically a combination of numbers and letters like Th1s W1ll b3 a C0d3 so right click and hold as you mouse over the code let go you will notice it is highlighted right click again over the highlighted code and choose copy. Go to the main swagbucks homepage at swagbucks.com on the right side there is a box where you can enter text called the gimme box right click in that space hit paste then push the gimme button and if it says invalid text try again and make sure you have it exactly as the code appears where you found it. Some codes refresh to prevent people from sharing codes so that may be it as well you could just not be doing it fast enough. Or it could of just literally expired since codes are only good for about an hour or so.

Common places to find the code
You do not need a twitter account to find a code here is where to find the twitter page https://twitter.com/Swagbucks
Here is the blog
Here is the facebook page

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Swagbucks review 2012

I have been doing swagbucks since 3/3/12 I think so its time for a 6month review. I have a little over 60,000 for my lifetime and currently my points are embarassing lol I cashed out for a $50 paypal though so I'm happy about that. I did take a break for a little while about a month and a half too. In the 6months I have been doing it, it has changed a bit  there are less offers but it is still worth the time to do. If you look at my total points it says 60,000 + this means I basically made around $600 for this site give or take. Paypal is of course more than other gift cards because its actual cash but most cards are around $5 for 500 points.

Monday, August 27, 2012

The Get Referrals page! U post here!

The other day one of my readers suggested a site to me and I left the comment up and I guess she got another referral as well :). This gave me an idea I would like to help others get some referrals too.

So if any of you would like post your referral link for a site you can vouch for post away ! If I haven't tried it I would even be happy to sign up under it just post it in the comments and hopefully my blog can help you get some referrals.

I only ask that it is a site you have actually gotten paid from. You are welcome to post any site even if its the sites I use since I have a good amount of referrals its time to share :).

It would also help to include a description so people know what kind of site it is like swagbucks for example is many things video's survey's offers etc while instagiftcards is only offers to get points. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

My total earnings and updates

I have some free time and decided to count how much I have actually made. I have updated throughout the last few months so you can see my monthly progress.

Here goes

Swagbucks: $430 plus almost $25 more that I haven't cashed out
Instagiftcards: $75
Wikets: $60
Viggle: $40
Superpoints: $25 plus have enough for a $5 gc
Bing rewards: $25 have enough for a $5
Checkpoints: $10
Irazoo was? like $25 or maybe a little more
Grand total earnings of $725

Plus I have gotten a few survey's that paid me outside of the reward site like a smoking survey paid me $35 and sent me 12 packs! Another was a stop smoking study they paid me $60 already and each survey (2) was about 5 minutes long and they are going to have me do about 4 more survey's over a period of time each worth $30 each. Another survey was on a restaurant another was what I ate for the week they paid me $25 or $30 one of those. 
A total of $120 in survey earnings

Edit It is now September and I am curious to see how much I have earned since last month.
Swagbucks: $495
Instagiftcards: $105
Wikets: $75-no longer available
Viggle: $40 Don't use any more
Superpoints: $40
Checkpoints: $10 Don't use any more
Irazoo: $25
Bing rewards: $30
Media Insiders: $10 new had to download software they sent me a $5 tango card a few days after and I will receive it monthly. Great thing is they have a referral incentive and you can install it on more than one device and get paid double. I have it on both my iphone and our kindle. Simple way to get $5 if you just in it for the $5 and don't want it monthly you can delete it after they send it to you. With a tango card you can get amazon, and lots others.

Leaving a total earnings of $790 in less than 6 months.

And sadly I haven't gotten any survey's that pay outside of the reward site phooey! So total is still about $120 for survey's

October 2012- 

Its the end of October happy halloween everyone!! Here is my update to what I earned now. Some of these sites I started in March some I started in May so in less than 7 months I have earned all of this.
Instagiftcards: $235
Swagbucks: $570
Wikets: $90 - no longer available

Superpoints: $40
Checkpoints: $16
Bing rewards: $35
Media Insiders:$20
Sites I don't use any more
Irazoo: $25
Viggle:  $40 
Grand total of $1,071

Plus I did another smoking survey this month and got $30. So around $150 total for survey's.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Instead of listing your animal for free on craigslist

http://www.craigslist.org/about/PETA This is a good warning from craigslist itself

I have already covered some of the reasons why people shouldn't list pets for free on craigslist here. So that brings me to the next step what to do then....

First and foremost charge a adoption fee. This should be at least $25 (since people get free pets and sell them to research labs for around $25). This would also eliminate the kids who beg their parents for a cute kitten off craigslist and never end up caring for it once they get it. This also makes people value the pet more. My fiancee is this way if he didn't buy something he will destroy destroy destroy (never animals just mostly cars lol) but if he bought it then he has a little more respect for it as I am sure this is the same case with plenty of people.

THEN: tips to help you weed out the bad ones

Take your time interview people see how they react with the pet if they mention children ask to introduce the dog or cat to them see how they will interact with it.

Make it a point to visit their residence and go inside. A lot of people don't like having strangers in their house but tell them you really have to pee and can't make it to a gas station. What do you think about the house evaluate it... Did they open the door right away or go inside make a few changes then open the door? Did they close a bunch of doors before you could see inside? If so what are they hiding dirty laundry or worse? Is it clean remember they are caring for a living creature if they can't pick up for themselves can they really care for an animal? This evaluation should help you a bit more in deciding a new family for your pet. It gives you a little more information on the family/people who want your beloved pet. It will also help identify a lie if there is one did they mention children but no pictures, toys, clothes or kid things any where? Keep your ears and eyes open!

Also make sure to pay attention to their reason why they would like your animal. Are they sure they actually want it or are they like well I dunno its cute so I want it. Kittens don't stay kittens and they become uncute as soon as they grow up. Also do they want your pit bull but say oh the landlord doesn't allow dogs BIG RED FLAG this dog will end up in a shelter or roaming the streets.

Make sure to include the bad yes you want to find your dog a home asap but if he chews on leather let them know. Watch their reaction and listen for their solution.

Oh he chews... I'll beat the crap out of him if he touches my shoes
This is a sign that the pet will get abused for wrong doings and this is not a place you want your pet going to. Or a sign that your pet will get neglected like be left outside or locked in a room. Honestly chewing is a simple fix they should have an answer more like this...

Oh no worries I am home all the time and there is this great spray that is only like $4 bucks which will discourage chewing so that is no concern at all. 

Do a follow up with them preferably stopping by to check on the animal I would do this about... 2 weeks after you have re homed them. That would give them enough time to get to know the animal and give you enough time to see how they have bonded with the animal and if there are any visible signs of abuse. Most of the sicko's who killed animals off craigslist didn't let them live even more than a day. I wish I had a solution for that I really wish I do. I read a story one guy even brought his children with to appear as normal as possible so he could continue to get free pets and kill them.

Follow your gut if you can't find a home for your pet try rescue groups!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chipotle Mexican Grill Spokane, WA

I went to the pre grand opening and they were giving out free meals to those who had a pass or liked them on facebook. First of all lets get it out of the way YUM!.

The place was designed and decorated very nicely. It was easy to read the menu and easy to order. You pick what goes on your burrito as you go down the line. The servers were very nice even with it being so loud in there they had patience with every customer. I liked that the prices were very reasonable (about $6 a burrito) I mean these burritos with only a few things on them are HUGE! I got steak, rice, salsa, and a little lettuce and I could only finish half of it. They have kids meals for $3-$4 with a few different options. I believe I saw tables for outside as well as special parking for online orders. I would recommend this place it has a good atmosphere, good food and good service.

Chipotle Mexican Grill on Urbanspoon

Monday, May 21, 2012

Insta Gift cards review

amazon gift card for free

I signed up yesterday and my very first day I made $10 (keep in mind I go full force when I discover something new lol). The only way to earn is through special offers and these are like email submits (basically you sign up for junk mail lol and make sure to get a new email for these kind of offers!) and stuff of the sort.

They have weekly and monthly contests. The lowest gift card you can cash out for is  a $1 amazon most others start at $5 but the best part is that once you cash out you get your gift card code immediately. So no waiting or anything. You also get 10% of your referrals earnings for ever so no cap on that.My opinion of this site is it rocks! If you want to sign up I would be happy to have you as a referral click here

Update: I WON!!! The weekly contest by one offer lol so I got $15 worth of points I cashed out for $10 of it. Also in a week I earned (including the $15 I won) $40 not bad at all. The thing with this site is you have to be patient some offers don't credit right away and some just don't credit at all.

Another important thing is to use your real information  using a new email is fine just not new information :).

Here are some pics!

 < This was taken 8/1 :) 6500 points is equal to $65.00 and I have earned almost another $10.

End of sept 2012 the site's layout has changed a lot all of these pictures are from the old layout. There are new offer walls and lots and lots of ways to earn points now. I'm probably averaging $2-$3 a day with very minimal effort!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to tweet a braggable bargain

Ok something I haven't covered is that you can get 150 swagbucks from just tweeting what the braggable bargain is for that day. This is simple. They pick two winners a day.

First you must have a twitter account! Once you have signed up go to the homepage for swagbucks. Then go to redeem then swag store. Once you are there you will see 4 pages changing every few seconds one of those will be blue with a dragon that says braggable bargain click that page. It will take you to what is on sale  and right under the review stars it says tweet #braggablebargain press that button. This will open a new window so you can tweet the easy thing is that it is typed out for you but you have to include your swagbucks name so they know what account to credit it to.  So at the end of what they had typed just write your sb name (see below) You will not always win but within the first week I did it I won the 150 and it is a very easy way to get points occasionally. If you need any help please leave me a comment :).

Here is an example of what a braggable bargain tweet would look like

You can snag the Gap Options e-Gift Card - $10 for 190 SB off the regular price! http://www.swagbucks.com/p/prize/26818/Gap-Options-e-Gift-Card-10 #BraggableBargain  (Type sb name here)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to send a ticket for special offers swagbucks.

 How to take and save a screenshot:

While doing an offer it is always best to take a screenshot just in case it does not credit. Here is how to do so.

Press ctrl+print screen on your keyboard

Then go to your start button >go to all programs >accessories >then go to paint.

Once you have opened the paint application you can either press paste or ctrl+V

Then click file in the top left corner and click save as it is best to save them as a JPG file because some walls do not accept png pictures. To change the file type click the drop down for save as type.

Remember to save your picture under something you will remember I save them like this R1dealchicken40 so I save them as the wall type first then by something that describes the offer and then I save it for how much the offer was worth.

Now for the tickets-

How to find where to put in a ticket these are all at the right hand side of the wall

Trialpay- Support
Radiumone- Missing swagbucks
Paymentwall-My account
Super Rewards-Get help
Peanut Labs-Need help?
Sponsor Pay-Support

Some walls do not have a place to insert a screenshot so you will have to go to an image hosting website like tinypic or something else. Also radium one and peanut labs will email you a generated response with a link included and that is what you will have to click to put in your ticket. Both of those have a place to upload a picture though.

Once you find your wall and it doesn't have a place to upload a picture like super rewards for example go to the image hosting website upload the picture (tinypic is free and does not require you to be a member). Once at your image hosting website you will have to click "browse" and find where you saved the screenshot.

Once uploaded it will give you several links I use the "email & IM link". To copy it right click and hold while drag over the link. Once you've copied the whole link let the mouse go and it will now be highlighted. Right click on it again and hit copy. Then go the the wall you want to open a ticket with and right click and hit paste.

I typically type something like I have completed this here is a screenshot. Most of the time you will get an email asking for a confirmation email I resend what I typed the first time.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Swagbucks April 2012


This above (total $185) is what I earned during the month of April for free. Swagbucks is a legitimate site that allows you to earn points and you can cash them out for gift cards paypal and amazon are my two favorites and the walmart cards are nice too. If you haven't already you can sign up here. It is 100% free to sign up all it asks for name and email when you sign up.Basically to earn gift cards you need to earn points and the many ways to earn points are playing games, answer a poll, do survey's, watch a sponsored video, watch the tv clips, find a code, redeeming coupons, trading in books, games, consoles etc and so many more ways.

You can read my review of swagbucks here. I am always willing to help you earn points or get started feel free to contact me anytime. . Once you sign up go to the earn tab this is where you will earn all your points from. It may seem slow at first but quickly you'll be making enough for a $5 gift card daily in most cases this is at the least. Even if you aren't a hardcore swagger like I am you can still get a good prize monthly even if you spend less than a hour a day. 

If you have any questions feel free to comment below.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sites that pay

These sites are free to sign up just do various things to earn points. You earn points from watching a video, using their web search, playing a game, do a survey etc. You redeem your points for gift cards I do them all personally I say no gift card left unearned!!

I earned $10 my first day and $40 my first week. You receive your gift cards instantly so no waiting ever! They have walmart, amazon, itunes, target and starbucks if I can remember right :) have fun! The lowest cash out is $1 for a gc and most offers are about 50 points. .01 = 1 point.

Sign up here Instant gift cards

Swagbucks This sites gift cards are paypal, amazon, walmart, starbucks, foot locker, Jc Penney, sears, dominio's etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn.
This is the site that I make the most on I signed up 3/2/2012 and I have earned $270 in gift cards since then. I make usually at least equivalent to a $5 gift card every day if not more.You can read my blog review here on swagbucks

Bing- is through Microsoft/MSN
You earn points for using bing search like how we use google or yahoo to find information. This sites rewards are a redbox rental, amazon, xbox live points and some other things. This site is slow to earn rewards but it adds up I spend about 2 minutes a day to earn $5 a month.
View my review here 

Itunes Apps- Not sure all of them work for other operating systems sorry I only have IOS

Viggle - Search app market for viggle watch tv to earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns,starbucks,etc
To earn points you just have to check into a tv show and thats it really. If you do add this app make sure to check into the featured shows for maximum points and slide through them to look for commercials that you can also watch for points. This app sends you your gift card via email immediately after you redeem it. Blog post about viggle here  Ok I found that it is available for andriod but it is still being tested so you might have to 
be patient if you have andriod OS

Checkpoints- Search app market for checkpoints scan barcodes for points redeem them for lowes , amazon, best buy , subway etc
This is slow to get points if you don't go to the store and scan products like I don't I download the apps for coins to play the games (checkpoints you earn coins to play a scratch off or slot machine for points). 
View my checkpoints post here
This is available on the andriod market as well

Wikets- Recommend a product, app, music video, place etc and redeem your points for amazon, itunes, ebay, best buy etc.
This is slow to get points You can earn more IF someone buys one of your recommendations or if you purchase someone elses you get matching points or if you become a featured member.Easy at least $15 a month...
View my wikets post here 

Most of these sites also have charities if you want to donate your earned points instead of getting rewards so that is also a plus.

Get free Xbox live points / Playstation network points

Sign up with these sites earn some points and redeem them for xbox live, wii, or ps3 network card.These sites are free just spend some time looking around if you need any help or have any questions there is a comment box below. You can also read my other posts for proof, tips, help, updates etc. I know it might seem slow to get points at first but once you get the hang of them you can easily make good money a month!

XBox Live points / playstation network card and wii points
Swagbucks This site also allows you to redeem for a playstation card, wii points and xbox live points. starbucks, paypal, amazon, foot locker, itunes, Jc Penney etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn! It seems slow at first but I have earned the most with this site I have earned $270 in two months.

Bing- through microsoft company so  very legit
You earn points for using bing search this site allows you to redeem for other stuff than xbox live points like a redbox rental, amazon and some other things. (This site is slow to earn rewards but it takes like 2 min a day)

Itunes Apps-

Viggle > Search app market for viggle watch tv earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns , starbucks, burger king etc
Fast to earn points I've earned about $30 in a month I don't use it all the time either I check into maybe 1-2 shows a day (takes 2 minutes).

Ok just an little trick I learned you can redeem your points for the walmart card (if the site offers it) and it will be a walmart.com only card BUT bear with me :) you CAN purchase a regular walmart card and have it shipped to your address for free to use in store or online to buy games, controllers or what ever have fun!!! Remember to comment below if you need any help I love to help!And please be patient with these sites your first week might be rough but literally when you get the hang of it you'll start earning a lot.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I earn from home :)

 These are earn and reward sites so earn points and redeem them for gift cards some include paypal, amazon, walmart, xbox live and so many more options. All of them are free and you can earn points without spending any money but of course all of them do have options where you can buy stuff or pay for a product but I don't recommend those the free offers are what gets me my points.

Swagbucks- I will go at the low end $100 a month

Viggle- This is an itunes application If I keep at the rate I am at about $20-$30 a month

Irazoo- I'm slowly earning so maybe $20 a month or a little more. I don't really put much effort into this site.

Insta Gift cards- My first week I earned $25 by my self and then $15 for winning the weekly offer contest so $40 in 7 days.You get your gift cards instantly no waiting. Lowest cashout is $1 complete offers be patient some don't credit or take forever to credit.

Google Screenwise- $5 monthly - This is an add on that monitors internet activity I installed in on chrome even though I don't ever use chrome. The gift cards were very limited.

Bing rewards- $5 monthly super simple like 2 minutes a day

Wikets application- $15 monthly (itunes app)

Checkpoints- $10 monthly (itunes app)

Superpoints- Not bad about $15-20 a month (I signed up 4/20 and as of 5/10 I am at a $15 gc)super easy click a button do offers watch video's etc.

Digital Connections- This was a survey that swagbucks allowed me to participate in and to do further study of internet and computer uses they asked if I would download their software (safe no worries) on my phone and computer for $10 amazon a month. I don't think you can sign up I think you have to be invited but if you do get the opportunity it is legit I received my payment from them.Update < I was 3 days away from receiving my second card and they "stopped" the program what cheapo's at least I got the first reward so I can't complain fully.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or need any help. I am always willing to help someone earn :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sign up for swagbucks

When you sign up for swagbucks your page will look like this below
You will receive 30 points for signing up
You will receive 5 points if you refer or invite a friend
You will get 10 points for downloading the toolbar
You will get 1 point for using the toolbar
You will get 15 points for uploading a photo to your member's page.

You can sign up under my referral link if you would like to I receive the same amount for search wins as you do up to 1000 points in a lifetime. When you refer you will receive the same.

Once you have signed up to upload a picture go to your name in the right hand corner hover over it to see the list click "My settings" then enter your password click submit. The arrows show you where the button is to change your photo.

After you are all done signing up go to the earn tab and check out the ways to earn points.

Bing Rewards

Bing- this is a free site

I just signed up today and I actually kind of like it. It was easy to navigate and the searches you get 1 point for every two searches. There are certain tasks that are sometimes available to you that pay out 1-6. Most so easy that it is one click and you've already earned the points.They will look like this and you click discover and you get the points easy as that. 

The gift cards were a very reasonable a $5 card is 525 points so it is almost equivalent to 1 point = .10.It is slow to accumulate points but eventually they add up and you literally spend about 5 minutes every day so it is not very time consuming.

So is bing rewards worth it?

Update 4/5/2012 I have been signing in everyday and utilizing all the ways I can with bing to earn points and my total is  419 I am saving for a $5 amazon card so I have 106 points to go! I have been a member since this post was written 3/23/2012 so about 14 days. I can estimate monthly to earn a $5 card I only spend like 2 minutes a day. My secret (bing) is to type in a search for anything say samsung phone then it gives you related searches keep clicking those until you have maxed out.

4/7/2012  I had enough points for a $5 amazon card I ordered it and received it in my email with in 3 minutes bing is certainly legit.

Sign up with bing here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Irazoo vs Swagbucks


It is easy to use and the amount of ways to earn points is virtually endless. In a day I usually earn the equivalent to a $5 gift card  so swagbucks definitely treats it's members well! My only complaint is how hard it is to get credit from some of the special offers sometimes but that is not swagbucks fault and swagbucks support is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to writing them about a problem so that is a plus. I have redeemed for many gift cards already and received them.

Pro's- more ways to win, sbtv, more active members on community page, contests, you have an inbox to receive messages, you can refresh your total instead of refreshing the whole page. There is a better selection of gift cards and you can add coupons to your store reward cards. Paypal is offered as a prize. Survey's credit instantly

Cons- code is not active for very long, special offers can sometimes be a pain, its rare to get more than 3 serach wins, people get deactivated quite a bit.


So this is what I found compared to swagbucks the points for the rewards is a big difference swagbucks $5 amazon card is only 450 points which I easily earn in a day but irazoo is 3000 points. So if you participate in swagbucks and are just discovering irazoo like I did don't be scared of the big difference! Here is why!

Irazoo's payout are much more than swagbucks for everything just about. For example on irazoo I am looking at my dashboard and I see a 12 min survey worth 450 points.On swagbucks I would be lucky if a 12 minute survey was awarded 55 points. Another example is today I got a search win for 62 on irazoo and with swagbucks my normal search win is about 10 points. Irazoo also allows more search wins in a day so far 4 hours into the day and I have won 3 times and on swagbucks I usually spend all day and only end up with 3 wins total.

Pros- More special offers to choose from,  better game selection,code is active for days and you receive an email when there is a code out, more search wins in a day.

Cons- Few ways to earn points, some survey's need to be reviewed it takes 2-4 weeks and you have a chance that you will not receive the points, no tv, no contests, no daily ways to earn like a poll or noso's. There are captcha's on every search win and you only have 100+ seconds to type it in but the add takes forever to load so its an extra task I could live without.

So to me Swagbucks works better and faster to receive rewards but irazoo is well worth a few minutes a day it wouldn't hurt to participate in both.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swagbucks lingo on facebook

If you visit the swagbuck facebook page then you will find people using terms you may not be familiar with.  

Singles, doubles(or dubs) trips (or triples) quads all mean how many searches they have had in one day. Singles is one, dubs is two and so on.

Guppies is a win under 10 swagbucks

Midnight bucks search wins after midnight

Ghost win is a win that they did not see but showed up in their ledger

SR- Super Rewards

TP- Trial pay

R1 or RO- Radium One

PL- Peanut Labs

SP-  Sponsor pay

AGC- Amazon gift card

PPGC- Paypal gift card

SBTV- Swagbucks tv

I maxed out today- That means they received the maximum points for watching sbtv

Braggable Bargain- is on the swagbucks store page its an offer that is lower than usual for example today is a $25 JC penney gift card for 2699 when it originally goes for 3059.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Redeemed my swagsbucks!

So I got ahead of my self and figured I have enough for 4 amazon gift cards so I will order them. I ordered two because that is the maximum daily amount you can order so I have to wait until tomorrow to order the other two then by the day after next I should have enough for my 5th one :) so excited. So I took some screen shots and found out that also your orders of gift cards go to your swagbucks account so they are an emailed gift card not an actual card I am not sure if this applies to all of the gift cards or just amazon but hope this helps and keep on swaggin on!

If you haven't joined please do so! It is so worth your time :)

Swagbucks < click link to join.

PS I blocked out my order number just in case.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Swagbucks!!!! Ways to earn

Here are the many ways to earn with swagbucks! 

Don't know what swagbucks is? Click here to learn about it and my first experience!

Referrals: up to 1000 points per referral you earn points when they win from searches

Daily Poll: Earn 1 swag point for answering a question

Searches: Like google swagbucks has a search engine that if you do your normal daily searches you can randomly earn points. Today I earned 17 points just from searching so that was awesome.

No special obligation offers (NOSO) : Just for looking at the offers you get rewarded usually 2-3 swagbucks

Swagbucks Tv: Watch 1-5 minute shows and after 10 of them you earn 3 swagbucks.

Games: Play games to earn  swagbucks or enter in tournaments win and get lots of swagbucks!
Play two games and get awarded 2 swagbucks each time you have to push back to games after each one though.(Tip I do the crusher game leave it in an open page until the score comes up and I keep doing this until I reach the daily max 10sb)

Swagbucks codes: are random codes that appear on the blog, facebook, twitter and other places.  The code usually looks like this booksforSale or with numbers in it and remember is it capital sensitive. My swidget is on the side push check code and if there is a code out there it will tell you.

Coupons:  For sending coupons to your rewards member cards (like safeway or albertsons) and using them in the store you will receive 10 swagbucks per coupon. Its like saving while earning :) You can also clip and print coupons and receive 10sb per coupon. The points take 8-10 weeks to apply to your account though.

Tasks: This is where you perform tasks to earn swagbucks. I haven't participated in this too much it is a lot of research on the internet and answering questions about a webpage.Some are easy though.

Trade in: This is where you can trade in your old game consoles or books to earn points. A college book I paid $80 for would give  me 3500 points (still debating whether I should do this lol). Oh and shipping is paid.

Trusted Surveys:  This is a bit time consuming for some of them if you qualify but it is really rewarding usually 75-100 per survey. I usually do not qualify so I do not participate in most of them.

Special offers: I have done quite a bit of these actually and most of them are really rewarding. For example one was to enter in my zip code to look at auto quotes for 560 points. Some are just sign up for games or watch a short video.

Daily Deals: Occasionally there will be a groupon in here that you can buy and earn points from usually 150-300 points and then you get a sweet deal with the groupon so its a win win. Daily deals are just getting points for spending money at one of their selected sites.

Swagbucks Toolbar install:
I installed this because for one I got points and two I figure I would give it a try. I have had no problems (I use firefox) and it is really convenient if you access swagbucks more than once a day.

Shop and earn: 
For certain stores if you make a purchase you will get 2 points for every dollar you spend so if you shop on lets say yaysave occasionally and spend usually $50 each time that will get you 100 points when it is something you might do already! You have to click through the site from swagbucks to get the points is the way it works. 

Swagbucks Review : money maker

So I recently stumbled upon a site called swagbucks. I was hesitant at first because like many sites they promise that you can earn points and trade them in for gift cards or other merchandise.  I decided to look up reviews and I found many good things but I just always need a little more verification before I spend my time doing something. I found that they had a facebook page and found posts from real members saying they received their gift cards (most common thing points are redeemed for). 

The problem with the internet now a days is that you can't find real unbiased information from real people but the facebook page was a wrap. I was like there is no way they have one million likes and all those comments after that I knew this site was the real deal. So I am glad I found the facebook page! I started to take it really serious and utilized all the ways they provided to earn points and wow it is overwhelming in the beginning there are many ways to earn points for free. Anyways if you need help let me know I am always willing to help people ;).  
Edit: I received the four gift cards I ordered about 7 days after I ordered them I applied them to my amazon account already so swagbucks is indeed legit! Click here to see the first amazon card I redeemed and click here for the first paypal card I redeemed.

Edit: In one month I was able to earn almost 20,000 points I was religiously utilizing the ways to earn points and I was able to order 2 $50 paypal cards, a $10 paypal card and 6 $5 amazon cards with my points.