Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swagbucks lingo on facebook

If you visit the swagbuck facebook page then you will find people using terms you may not be familiar with.  

Singles, doubles(or dubs) trips (or triples) quads all mean how many searches they have had in one day. Singles is one, dubs is two and so on.

Guppies is a win under 10 swagbucks

Midnight bucks search wins after midnight

Ghost win is a win that they did not see but showed up in their ledger

SR- Super Rewards

TP- Trial pay

R1 or RO- Radium One

PL- Peanut Labs

SP-  Sponsor pay

AGC- Amazon gift card

PPGC- Paypal gift card

SBTV- Swagbucks tv

I maxed out today- That means they received the maximum points for watching sbtv

Braggable Bargain- is on the swagbucks store page its an offer that is lower than usual for example today is a $25 JC penney gift card for 2699 when it originally goes for 3059.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Redeemed my swagsbucks!

So I got ahead of my self and figured I have enough for 4 amazon gift cards so I will order them. I ordered two because that is the maximum daily amount you can order so I have to wait until tomorrow to order the other two then by the day after next I should have enough for my 5th one :) so excited. So I took some screen shots and found out that also your orders of gift cards go to your swagbucks account so they are an emailed gift card not an actual card I am not sure if this applies to all of the gift cards or just amazon but hope this helps and keep on swaggin on!

If you haven't joined please do so! It is so worth your time :)

Swagbucks < click link to join.

PS I blocked out my order number just in case.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Swagbucks!!!! Ways to earn

Here are the many ways to earn with swagbucks! 

Don't know what swagbucks is? Click here to learn about it and my first experience!

Referrals: up to 1000 points per referral you earn points when they win from searches

Daily Poll: Earn 1 swag point for answering a question

Searches: Like google swagbucks has a search engine that if you do your normal daily searches you can randomly earn points. Today I earned 17 points just from searching so that was awesome.

No special obligation offers (NOSO) : Just for looking at the offers you get rewarded usually 2-3 swagbucks

Swagbucks Tv: Watch 1-5 minute shows and after 10 of them you earn 3 swagbucks.

Games: Play games to earn  swagbucks or enter in tournaments win and get lots of swagbucks!
Play two games and get awarded 2 swagbucks each time you have to push back to games after each one though.(Tip I do the crusher game leave it in an open page until the score comes up and I keep doing this until I reach the daily max 10sb)

Swagbucks codes: are random codes that appear on the blog, facebook, twitter and other places.  The code usually looks like this booksforSale or with numbers in it and remember is it capital sensitive. My swidget is on the side push check code and if there is a code out there it will tell you.

Coupons:  For sending coupons to your rewards member cards (like safeway or albertsons) and using them in the store you will receive 10 swagbucks per coupon. Its like saving while earning :) You can also clip and print coupons and receive 10sb per coupon. The points take 8-10 weeks to apply to your account though.

Tasks: This is where you perform tasks to earn swagbucks. I haven't participated in this too much it is a lot of research on the internet and answering questions about a webpage.Some are easy though.

Trade in: This is where you can trade in your old game consoles or books to earn points. A college book I paid $80 for would give  me 3500 points (still debating whether I should do this lol). Oh and shipping is paid.

Trusted Surveys:  This is a bit time consuming for some of them if you qualify but it is really rewarding usually 75-100 per survey. I usually do not qualify so I do not participate in most of them.

Special offers: I have done quite a bit of these actually and most of them are really rewarding. For example one was to enter in my zip code to look at auto quotes for 560 points. Some are just sign up for games or watch a short video.

Daily Deals: Occasionally there will be a groupon in here that you can buy and earn points from usually 150-300 points and then you get a sweet deal with the groupon so its a win win. Daily deals are just getting points for spending money at one of their selected sites.

Swagbucks Toolbar install:
I installed this because for one I got points and two I figure I would give it a try. I have had no problems (I use firefox) and it is really convenient if you access swagbucks more than once a day.

Shop and earn: 
For certain stores if you make a purchase you will get 2 points for every dollar you spend so if you shop on lets say yaysave occasionally and spend usually $50 each time that will get you 100 points when it is something you might do already! You have to click through the site from swagbucks to get the points is the way it works. 

Swagbucks Review : money maker

So I recently stumbled upon a site called swagbucks. I was hesitant at first because like many sites they promise that you can earn points and trade them in for gift cards or other merchandise.  I decided to look up reviews and I found many good things but I just always need a little more verification before I spend my time doing something. I found that they had a facebook page and found posts from real members saying they received their gift cards (most common thing points are redeemed for). 

The problem with the internet now a days is that you can't find real unbiased information from real people but the facebook page was a wrap. I was like there is no way they have one million likes and all those comments after that I knew this site was the real deal. So I am glad I found the facebook page! I started to take it really serious and utilized all the ways they provided to earn points and wow it is overwhelming in the beginning there are many ways to earn points for free. Anyways if you need help let me know I am always willing to help people ;).  
Edit: I received the four gift cards I ordered about 7 days after I ordered them I applied them to my amazon account already so swagbucks is indeed legit! Click here to see the first amazon card I redeemed and click here for the first paypal card I redeemed.

Edit: In one month I was able to earn almost 20,000 points I was religiously utilizing the ways to earn points and I was able to order 2 $50 paypal cards, a $10 paypal card and 6 $5 amazon cards with my points.