Saturday, March 10, 2012

Redeemed my swagsbucks!

So I got ahead of my self and figured I have enough for 4 amazon gift cards so I will order them. I ordered two because that is the maximum daily amount you can order so I have to wait until tomorrow to order the other two then by the day after next I should have enough for my 5th one :) so excited. So I took some screen shots and found out that also your orders of gift cards go to your swagbucks account so they are an emailed gift card not an actual card I am not sure if this applies to all of the gift cards or just amazon but hope this helps and keep on swaggin on!

If you haven't joined please do so! It is so worth your time :)

Swagbucks < click link to join.

PS I blocked out my order number just in case.

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