Thursday, March 15, 2012

Swagbucks lingo on facebook

If you visit the swagbuck facebook page then you will find people using terms you may not be familiar with.  

Singles, doubles(or dubs) trips (or triples) quads all mean how many searches they have had in one day. Singles is one, dubs is two and so on.

Guppies is a win under 10 swagbucks

Midnight bucks search wins after midnight

Ghost win is a win that they did not see but showed up in their ledger

SR- Super Rewards

TP- Trial pay

R1 or RO- Radium One

PL- Peanut Labs

SP-  Sponsor pay

AGC- Amazon gift card

PPGC- Paypal gift card

SBTV- Swagbucks tv

I maxed out today- That means they received the maximum points for watching sbtv

Braggable Bargain- is on the swagbucks store page its an offer that is lower than usual for example today is a $25 JC penney gift card for 2699 when it originally goes for 3059.

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