Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sites that pay

These sites are free to sign up just do various things to earn points. You earn points from watching a video, using their web search, playing a game, do a survey etc. You redeem your points for gift cards I do them all personally I say no gift card left unearned!!

I earned $10 my first day and $40 my first week. You receive your gift cards instantly so no waiting ever! They have walmart, amazon, itunes, target and starbucks if I can remember right :) have fun! The lowest cash out is $1 for a gc and most offers are about 50 points. .01 = 1 point.

Sign up here Instant gift cards

Swagbucks This sites gift cards are paypal, amazon, walmart, starbucks, foot locker, Jc Penney, sears, dominio's etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn.
This is the site that I make the most on I signed up 3/2/2012 and I have earned $270 in gift cards since then. I make usually at least equivalent to a $5 gift card every day if not more.You can read my blog review here on swagbucks

Bing- is through Microsoft/MSN
You earn points for using bing search like how we use google or yahoo to find information. This sites rewards are a redbox rental, amazon, xbox live points and some other things. This site is slow to earn rewards but it adds up I spend about 2 minutes a day to earn $5 a month.
View my review here 

Itunes Apps- Not sure all of them work for other operating systems sorry I only have IOS

Viggle - Search app market for viggle watch tv to earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns,starbucks,etc
To earn points you just have to check into a tv show and thats it really. If you do add this app make sure to check into the featured shows for maximum points and slide through them to look for commercials that you can also watch for points. This app sends you your gift card via email immediately after you redeem it. Blog post about viggle here  Ok I found that it is available for andriod but it is still being tested so you might have to 
be patient if you have andriod OS

Checkpoints- Search app market for checkpoints scan barcodes for points redeem them for lowes , amazon, best buy , subway etc
This is slow to get points if you don't go to the store and scan products like I don't I download the apps for coins to play the games (checkpoints you earn coins to play a scratch off or slot machine for points). 
View my checkpoints post here
This is available on the andriod market as well

Wikets- Recommend a product, app, music video, place etc and redeem your points for amazon, itunes, ebay, best buy etc.
This is slow to get points You can earn more IF someone buys one of your recommendations or if you purchase someone elses you get matching points or if you become a featured member.Easy at least $15 a month...
View my wikets post here 

Most of these sites also have charities if you want to donate your earned points instead of getting rewards so that is also a plus.

Get free Xbox live points / Playstation network points

Sign up with these sites earn some points and redeem them for xbox live, wii, or ps3 network card.These sites are free just spend some time looking around if you need any help or have any questions there is a comment box below. You can also read my other posts for proof, tips, help, updates etc. I know it might seem slow to get points at first but once you get the hang of them you can easily make good money a month!

XBox Live points / playstation network card and wii points
Swagbucks This site also allows you to redeem for a playstation card, wii points and xbox live points. starbucks, paypal, amazon, foot locker, itunes, Jc Penney etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn! It seems slow at first but I have earned the most with this site I have earned $270 in two months.

Bing- through microsoft company so  very legit
You earn points for using bing search this site allows you to redeem for other stuff than xbox live points like a redbox rental, amazon and some other things. (This site is slow to earn rewards but it takes like 2 min a day)

Itunes Apps-

Viggle > Search app market for viggle watch tv earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns , starbucks, burger king etc
Fast to earn points I've earned about $30 in a month I don't use it all the time either I check into maybe 1-2 shows a day (takes 2 minutes).

Ok just an little trick I learned you can redeem your points for the walmart card (if the site offers it) and it will be a only card BUT bear with me :) you CAN purchase a regular walmart card and have it shipped to your address for free to use in store or online to buy games, controllers or what ever have fun!!! Remember to comment below if you need any help I love to help!And please be patient with these sites your first week might be rough but literally when you get the hang of it you'll start earning a lot.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I earn from home :)

 These are earn and reward sites so earn points and redeem them for gift cards some include paypal, amazon, walmart, xbox live and so many more options. All of them are free and you can earn points without spending any money but of course all of them do have options where you can buy stuff or pay for a product but I don't recommend those the free offers are what gets me my points.

Swagbucks- I will go at the low end $100 a month

Viggle- This is an itunes application If I keep at the rate I am at about $20-$30 a month

Irazoo- I'm slowly earning so maybe $20 a month or a little more. I don't really put much effort into this site.

Insta Gift cards- My first week I earned $25 by my self and then $15 for winning the weekly offer contest so $40 in 7 days.You get your gift cards instantly no waiting. Lowest cashout is $1 complete offers be patient some don't credit or take forever to credit.

Google Screenwise- $5 monthly - This is an add on that monitors internet activity I installed in on chrome even though I don't ever use chrome. The gift cards were very limited.

Bing rewards- $5 monthly super simple like 2 minutes a day

Wikets application- $15 monthly (itunes app)

Checkpoints- $10 monthly (itunes app)

Superpoints- Not bad about $15-20 a month (I signed up 4/20 and as of 5/10 I am at a $15 gc)super easy click a button do offers watch video's etc.

Digital Connections- This was a survey that swagbucks allowed me to participate in and to do further study of internet and computer uses they asked if I would download their software (safe no worries) on my phone and computer for $10 amazon a month. I don't think you can sign up I think you have to be invited but if you do get the opportunity it is legit I received my payment from them.Update < I was 3 days away from receiving my second card and they "stopped" the program what cheapo's at least I got the first reward so I can't complain fully.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or need any help. I am always willing to help someone earn :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sign up for swagbucks

When you sign up for swagbucks your page will look like this below
You will receive 30 points for signing up
You will receive 5 points if you refer or invite a friend
You will get 10 points for downloading the toolbar
You will get 1 point for using the toolbar
You will get 15 points for uploading a photo to your member's page.

You can sign up under my referral link if you would like to I receive the same amount for search wins as you do up to 1000 points in a lifetime. When you refer you will receive the same.

Once you have signed up to upload a picture go to your name in the right hand corner hover over it to see the list click "My settings" then enter your password click submit. The arrows show you where the button is to change your photo.

After you are all done signing up go to the earn tab and check out the ways to earn points.

Bing Rewards

Bing- this is a free site

I just signed up today and I actually kind of like it. It was easy to navigate and the searches you get 1 point for every two searches. There are certain tasks that are sometimes available to you that pay out 1-6. Most so easy that it is one click and you've already earned the points.They will look like this and you click discover and you get the points easy as that. 

The gift cards were a very reasonable a $5 card is 525 points so it is almost equivalent to 1 point = .10.It is slow to accumulate points but eventually they add up and you literally spend about 5 minutes every day so it is not very time consuming.

So is bing rewards worth it?

Update 4/5/2012 I have been signing in everyday and utilizing all the ways I can with bing to earn points and my total is  419 I am saving for a $5 amazon card so I have 106 points to go! I have been a member since this post was written 3/23/2012 so about 14 days. I can estimate monthly to earn a $5 card I only spend like 2 minutes a day. My secret (bing) is to type in a search for anything say samsung phone then it gives you related searches keep clicking those until you have maxed out.

4/7/2012  I had enough points for a $5 amazon card I ordered it and received it in my email with in 3 minutes bing is certainly legit.

Sign up with bing here

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Irazoo vs Swagbucks


It is easy to use and the amount of ways to earn points is virtually endless. In a day I usually earn the equivalent to a $5 gift card  so swagbucks definitely treats it's members well! My only complaint is how hard it is to get credit from some of the special offers sometimes but that is not swagbucks fault and swagbucks support is a 10 out of 10 when it comes to writing them about a problem so that is a plus. I have redeemed for many gift cards already and received them.

Pro's- more ways to win, sbtv, more active members on community page, contests, you have an inbox to receive messages, you can refresh your total instead of refreshing the whole page. There is a better selection of gift cards and you can add coupons to your store reward cards. Paypal is offered as a prize. Survey's credit instantly

Cons- code is not active for very long, special offers can sometimes be a pain, its rare to get more than 3 serach wins, people get deactivated quite a bit.


So this is what I found compared to swagbucks the points for the rewards is a big difference swagbucks $5 amazon card is only 450 points which I easily earn in a day but irazoo is 3000 points. So if you participate in swagbucks and are just discovering irazoo like I did don't be scared of the big difference! Here is why!

Irazoo's payout are much more than swagbucks for everything just about. For example on irazoo I am looking at my dashboard and I see a 12 min survey worth 450 points.On swagbucks I would be lucky if a 12 minute survey was awarded 55 points. Another example is today I got a search win for 62 on irazoo and with swagbucks my normal search win is about 10 points. Irazoo also allows more search wins in a day so far 4 hours into the day and I have won 3 times and on swagbucks I usually spend all day and only end up with 3 wins total.

Pros- More special offers to choose from,  better game selection,code is active for days and you receive an email when there is a code out, more search wins in a day.

Cons- Few ways to earn points, some survey's need to be reviewed it takes 2-4 weeks and you have a chance that you will not receive the points, no tv, no contests, no daily ways to earn like a poll or noso's. There are captcha's on every search win and you only have 100+ seconds to type it in but the add takes forever to load so its an extra task I could live without.

So to me Swagbucks works better and faster to receive rewards but irazoo is well worth a few minutes a day it wouldn't hurt to participate in both.