Thursday, April 12, 2012

Bing Rewards

Bing- this is a free site

I just signed up today and I actually kind of like it. It was easy to navigate and the searches you get 1 point for every two searches. There are certain tasks that are sometimes available to you that pay out 1-6. Most so easy that it is one click and you've already earned the points.They will look like this and you click discover and you get the points easy as that. 

The gift cards were a very reasonable a $5 card is 525 points so it is almost equivalent to 1 point = .10.It is slow to accumulate points but eventually they add up and you literally spend about 5 minutes every day so it is not very time consuming.

So is bing rewards worth it?

Update 4/5/2012 I have been signing in everyday and utilizing all the ways I can with bing to earn points and my total is  419 I am saving for a $5 amazon card so I have 106 points to go! I have been a member since this post was written 3/23/2012 so about 14 days. I can estimate monthly to earn a $5 card I only spend like 2 minutes a day. My secret (bing) is to type in a search for anything say samsung phone then it gives you related searches keep clicking those until you have maxed out.

4/7/2012  I had enough points for a $5 amazon card I ordered it and received it in my email with in 3 minutes bing is certainly legit.

Sign up with bing here

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