Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sites that pay

These sites are free to sign up just do various things to earn points. You earn points from watching a video, using their web search, playing a game, do a survey etc. You redeem your points for gift cards I do them all personally I say no gift card left unearned!!

I earned $10 my first day and $40 my first week. You receive your gift cards instantly so no waiting ever! They have walmart, amazon, itunes, target and starbucks if I can remember right :) have fun! The lowest cash out is $1 for a gc and most offers are about 50 points. .01 = 1 point.

Sign up here Instant gift cards

Swagbucks This sites gift cards are paypal, amazon, walmart, starbucks, foot locker, Jc Penney, sears, dominio's etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn.
This is the site that I make the most on I signed up 3/2/2012 and I have earned $270 in gift cards since then. I make usually at least equivalent to a $5 gift card every day if not more.You can read my blog review here on swagbucks

Bing- is through Microsoft/MSN
You earn points for using bing search like how we use google or yahoo to find information. This sites rewards are a redbox rental, amazon, xbox live points and some other things. This site is slow to earn rewards but it adds up I spend about 2 minutes a day to earn $5 a month.
View my review here 

Itunes Apps- Not sure all of them work for other operating systems sorry I only have IOS

Viggle - Search app market for viggle watch tv to earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns,starbucks,etc
To earn points you just have to check into a tv show and thats it really. If you do add this app make sure to check into the featured shows for maximum points and slide through them to look for commercials that you can also watch for points. This app sends you your gift card via email immediately after you redeem it. Blog post about viggle here  Ok I found that it is available for andriod but it is still being tested so you might have to 
be patient if you have andriod OS

Checkpoints- Search app market for checkpoints scan barcodes for points redeem them for lowes , amazon, best buy , subway etc
This is slow to get points if you don't go to the store and scan products like I don't I download the apps for coins to play the games (checkpoints you earn coins to play a scratch off or slot machine for points). 
View my checkpoints post here
This is available on the andriod market as well

Wikets- Recommend a product, app, music video, place etc and redeem your points for amazon, itunes, ebay, best buy etc.
This is slow to get points You can earn more IF someone buys one of your recommendations or if you purchase someone elses you get matching points or if you become a featured member.Easy at least $15 a month...
View my wikets post here 

Most of these sites also have charities if you want to donate your earned points instead of getting rewards so that is also a plus.


  1. Is this legit??

  2. Yes it is I can help you earn points or get started if you need any help feel free to contact me. They are definitely overwhelming at first but the few that are really worth it are swagbucks, irazoo and viggle. These are the ones that have paid me the most.

  3. Do all these sites still work? And are you still earning money doing this? I'm interested but a little nervous bc of malware and viruses.

  4. Yes they do I am still doing most of them except viggle and checkpoints I don't have enough time for those and they were super slow to earn on. Instagc has been the best one so far the rewards are instant and the offers are easy. As for malware it's quite common from the downloads but if you don't do those you'll be fine. For downloads I use a program called sandboxie it basically isolates the download from your computer so it cannot do any harm and it's a safe way to get points for downloads. If you do use sandboxie make sure to click close and not recover :)