Sunday, April 29, 2012

Get free Xbox live points / Playstation network points

Sign up with these sites earn some points and redeem them for xbox live, wii, or ps3 network card.These sites are free just spend some time looking around if you need any help or have any questions there is a comment box below. You can also read my other posts for proof, tips, help, updates etc. I know it might seem slow to get points at first but once you get the hang of them you can easily make good money a month!

XBox Live points / playstation network card and wii points
Swagbucks This site also allows you to redeem for a playstation card, wii points and xbox live points. starbucks, paypal, amazon, foot locker, itunes, Jc Penney etc. Remember to use the search bar and go to the earn tab utilize these ways to earn! It seems slow at first but I have earned the most with this site I have earned $270 in two months.

Bing- through microsoft company so  very legit
You earn points for using bing search this site allows you to redeem for other stuff than xbox live points like a redbox rental, amazon and some other things. (This site is slow to earn rewards but it takes like 2 min a day)

Itunes Apps-

Viggle > Search app market for viggle watch tv earn gift cards towards foot locker , papa johns , starbucks, burger king etc
Fast to earn points I've earned about $30 in a month I don't use it all the time either I check into maybe 1-2 shows a day (takes 2 minutes).

Ok just an little trick I learned you can redeem your points for the walmart card (if the site offers it) and it will be a only card BUT bear with me :) you CAN purchase a regular walmart card and have it shipped to your address for free to use in store or online to buy games, controllers or what ever have fun!!! Remember to comment below if you need any help I love to help!And please be patient with these sites your first week might be rough but literally when you get the hang of it you'll start earning a lot.

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