Sunday, April 22, 2012

What I earn from home :)

 These are earn and reward sites so earn points and redeem them for gift cards some include paypal, amazon, walmart, xbox live and so many more options. All of them are free and you can earn points without spending any money but of course all of them do have options where you can buy stuff or pay for a product but I don't recommend those the free offers are what gets me my points.

Swagbucks- I will go at the low end $100 a month

Viggle- This is an itunes application If I keep at the rate I am at about $20-$30 a month

Irazoo- I'm slowly earning so maybe $20 a month or a little more. I don't really put much effort into this site.

Insta Gift cards- My first week I earned $25 by my self and then $15 for winning the weekly offer contest so $40 in 7 days.You get your gift cards instantly no waiting. Lowest cashout is $1 complete offers be patient some don't credit or take forever to credit.

Google Screenwise- $5 monthly - This is an add on that monitors internet activity I installed in on chrome even though I don't ever use chrome. The gift cards were very limited.

Bing rewards- $5 monthly super simple like 2 minutes a day

Wikets application- $15 monthly (itunes app)

Checkpoints- $10 monthly (itunes app)

Superpoints- Not bad about $15-20 a month (I signed up 4/20 and as of 5/10 I am at a $15 gc)super easy click a button do offers watch video's etc.

Digital Connections- This was a survey that swagbucks allowed me to participate in and to do further study of internet and computer uses they asked if I would download their software (safe no worries) on my phone and computer for $10 amazon a month. I don't think you can sign up I think you have to be invited but if you do get the opportunity it is legit I received my payment from them.Update < I was 3 days away from receiving my second card and they "stopped" the program what cheapo's at least I got the first reward so I can't complain fully.

Please leave a comment if you have any questions or need any help. I am always willing to help someone earn :)

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