Monday, May 21, 2012

Insta Gift cards review

amazon gift card for free

I signed up yesterday and my very first day I made $10 (keep in mind I go full force when I discover something new lol). The only way to earn is through special offers and these are like email submits (basically you sign up for junk mail lol and make sure to get a new email for these kind of offers!) and stuff of the sort.

They have weekly and monthly contests. The lowest gift card you can cash out for is  a $1 amazon most others start at $5 but the best part is that once you cash out you get your gift card code immediately. So no waiting or anything. You also get 10% of your referrals earnings for ever so no cap on that.My opinion of this site is it rocks! If you want to sign up I would be happy to have you as a referral click here

Update: I WON!!! The weekly contest by one offer lol so I got $15 worth of points I cashed out for $10 of it. Also in a week I earned (including the $15 I won) $40 not bad at all. The thing with this site is you have to be patient some offers don't credit right away and some just don't credit at all.

Another important thing is to use your real information  using a new email is fine just not new information :).

Here are some pics!

 < This was taken 8/1 :) 6500 points is equal to $65.00 and I have earned almost another $10.

End of sept 2012 the site's layout has changed a lot all of these pictures are from the old layout. There are new offer walls and lots and lots of ways to earn points now. I'm probably averaging $2-$3 a day with very minimal effort!