Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Chipotle Mexican Grill Spokane, WA

I went to the pre grand opening and they were giving out free meals to those who had a pass or liked them on facebook. First of all lets get it out of the way YUM!.

The place was designed and decorated very nicely. It was easy to read the menu and easy to order. You pick what goes on your burrito as you go down the line. The servers were very nice even with it being so loud in there they had patience with every customer. I liked that the prices were very reasonable (about $6 a burrito) I mean these burritos with only a few things on them are HUGE! I got steak, rice, salsa, and a little lettuce and I could only finish half of it. They have kids meals for $3-$4 with a few different options. I believe I saw tables for outside as well as special parking for online orders. I would recommend this place it has a good atmosphere, good food and good service.

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