Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Instead of listing your animal for free on craigslist

http://www.craigslist.org/about/PETA This is a good warning from craigslist itself

I have already covered some of the reasons why people shouldn't list pets for free on craigslist here. So that brings me to the next step what to do then....

First and foremost charge a adoption fee. This should be at least $25 (since people get free pets and sell them to research labs for around $25). This would also eliminate the kids who beg their parents for a cute kitten off craigslist and never end up caring for it once they get it. This also makes people value the pet more. My fiancee is this way if he didn't buy something he will destroy destroy destroy (never animals just mostly cars lol) but if he bought it then he has a little more respect for it as I am sure this is the same case with plenty of people.

THEN: tips to help you weed out the bad ones

Take your time interview people see how they react with the pet if they mention children ask to introduce the dog or cat to them see how they will interact with it.

Make it a point to visit their residence and go inside. A lot of people don't like having strangers in their house but tell them you really have to pee and can't make it to a gas station. What do you think about the house evaluate it... Did they open the door right away or go inside make a few changes then open the door? Did they close a bunch of doors before you could see inside? If so what are they hiding dirty laundry or worse? Is it clean remember they are caring for a living creature if they can't pick up for themselves can they really care for an animal? This evaluation should help you a bit more in deciding a new family for your pet. It gives you a little more information on the family/people who want your beloved pet. It will also help identify a lie if there is one did they mention children but no pictures, toys, clothes or kid things any where? Keep your ears and eyes open!

Also make sure to pay attention to their reason why they would like your animal. Are they sure they actually want it or are they like well I dunno its cute so I want it. Kittens don't stay kittens and they become uncute as soon as they grow up. Also do they want your pit bull but say oh the landlord doesn't allow dogs BIG RED FLAG this dog will end up in a shelter or roaming the streets.

Make sure to include the bad yes you want to find your dog a home asap but if he chews on leather let them know. Watch their reaction and listen for their solution.

Oh he chews... I'll beat the crap out of him if he touches my shoes
This is a sign that the pet will get abused for wrong doings and this is not a place you want your pet going to. Or a sign that your pet will get neglected like be left outside or locked in a room. Honestly chewing is a simple fix they should have an answer more like this...

Oh no worries I am home all the time and there is this great spray that is only like $4 bucks which will discourage chewing so that is no concern at all. 

Do a follow up with them preferably stopping by to check on the animal I would do this about... 2 weeks after you have re homed them. That would give them enough time to get to know the animal and give you enough time to see how they have bonded with the animal and if there are any visible signs of abuse. Most of the sicko's who killed animals off craigslist didn't let them live even more than a day. I wish I had a solution for that I really wish I do. I read a story one guy even brought his children with to appear as normal as possible so he could continue to get free pets and kill them.

Follow your gut if you can't find a home for your pet try rescue groups!

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