Saturday, August 18, 2012

My total earnings and updates

I have some free time and decided to count how much I have actually made. I have updated throughout the last few months so you can see my monthly progress.

Here goes

Swagbucks: $430 plus almost $25 more that I haven't cashed out
Instagiftcards: $75
Wikets: $60
Viggle: $40
Superpoints: $25 plus have enough for a $5 gc
Bing rewards: $25 have enough for a $5
Checkpoints: $10
Irazoo was? like $25 or maybe a little more
Grand total earnings of $725

Plus I have gotten a few survey's that paid me outside of the reward site like a smoking survey paid me $35 and sent me 12 packs! Another was a stop smoking study they paid me $60 already and each survey (2) was about 5 minutes long and they are going to have me do about 4 more survey's over a period of time each worth $30 each. Another survey was on a restaurant another was what I ate for the week they paid me $25 or $30 one of those. 
A total of $120 in survey earnings

Edit It is now September and I am curious to see how much I have earned since last month.
Swagbucks: $495
Instagiftcards: $105
Wikets: $75-no longer available
Viggle: $40 Don't use any more
Superpoints: $40
Checkpoints: $10 Don't use any more
Irazoo: $25
Bing rewards: $30
Media Insiders: $10 new had to download software they sent me a $5 tango card a few days after and I will receive it monthly. Great thing is they have a referral incentive and you can install it on more than one device and get paid double. I have it on both my iphone and our kindle. Simple way to get $5 if you just in it for the $5 and don't want it monthly you can delete it after they send it to you. With a tango card you can get amazon, and lots others.

Leaving a total earnings of $790 in less than 6 months.

And sadly I haven't gotten any survey's that pay outside of the reward site phooey! So total is still about $120 for survey's

October 2012- 

Its the end of October happy halloween everyone!! Here is my update to what I earned now. Some of these sites I started in March some I started in May so in less than 7 months I have earned all of this.
Instagiftcards: $235
Swagbucks: $570
Wikets: $90 - no longer available

Superpoints: $40
Checkpoints: $16
Bing rewards: $35
Media Insiders:$20
Sites I don't use any more
Irazoo: $25
Viggle:  $40 
Grand total of $1,071

Plus I did another smoking survey this month and got $30. So around $150 total for survey's.

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