Monday, August 27, 2012

The Get Referrals page! U post here!

The other day one of my readers suggested a site to me and I left the comment up and I guess she got another referral as well :). This gave me an idea I would like to help others get some referrals too.

So if any of you would like post your referral link for a site you can vouch for post away ! If I haven't tried it I would even be happy to sign up under it just post it in the comments and hopefully my blog can help you get some referrals.

I only ask that it is a site you have actually gotten paid from. You are welcome to post any site even if its the sites I use since I have a good amount of referrals its time to share :).

It would also help to include a description so people know what kind of site it is like swagbucks for example is many things video's survey's offers etc while instagiftcards is only offers to get points. 


  1. The site I use it swagbucks. I have gotten paid $40 amazon so far! as well as $10 paypal! it's great! If you sign up under me, and you need help, I will gladly give it to you!

  2. This site is very good. i gained 15 referrals and ordered a Sony ps3 320 gigs which took 4 days to arrive. also gained £51 for 3 referrals to my PayPal. £17 per referral.

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