Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How to find a code on swagbucks

I see this question a lot.... How and where to find a code. Swagbuck codes are a few point scavenger hunt basically that get released usually once a day. There are rarely any codes ever given out on the weekend and rarely any codes past like 5pm. The easiest way for me to find out if a code is out is to check the facebook page swagbucks special offers that credit or the main swagbucks facebook page. There you will find posts (if a code is even out) saying a code is out and usually where it is. Most people will give hint like tweet tweet is twitter or check the blog or facebook.

You can also check the swidget on my blog here it will be the black and white box and push the button that says swag codes then click for for a code and it will give you the hint as to where it is or it will say sorry there is no code out.

So lets say you did all of that and your like now what? Find your code copy and paste it exactly as it is make sure and double sure you do not include any spaces after the code.

Codes are typically a combination of numbers and letters like Th1s W1ll b3 a C0d3 so right click and hold as you mouse over the code let go you will notice it is highlighted right click again over the highlighted code and choose copy. Go to the main swagbucks homepage at swagbucks.com on the right side there is a box where you can enter text called the gimme box right click in that space hit paste then push the gimme button and if it says invalid text try again and make sure you have it exactly as the code appears where you found it. Some codes refresh to prevent people from sharing codes so that may be it as well you could just not be doing it fast enough. Or it could of just literally expired since codes are only good for about an hour or so.

Common places to find the code
You do not need a twitter account to find a code here is where to find the twitter page https://twitter.com/Swagbucks
Here is the blog
Here is the facebook page

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