Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I made over $1,000 for FREE!!!!!

October 2012- 

Its the end of October happy halloween everyone!! Here is my update to what I earned now.If you haven't read any of my other posts I do reward sites and what I do varies from site to site some are video's survey's offers and some are iphone apps where I recommend products, watch video's etc.

Instagiftcards: $235 since May
Swagbucks: $570 since March

Bing rewards: $35 Since June

These next few are iphone apps-
App Joy- $5 since a few days ago so like beg of Nov
App trailers- $4 beg of Nov

Irazoo: $25
Viggle:  $40
Checkpoints: $16

Grand total of $1,076

Update: I have deleted some of the above in the list due to them not being available any more then I realized it was apart of my list lol oh well :). 

Plus I did another smoking survey this month and got $30. So around $150 total for survey's. When you do survey's sometimes you get the opportunity to continue it outside of the reward site. This only happens once in awhile when the research company wants more than the initial survey. The smoking survey I did was less than 5 minutes and I have done several over the last few months. I also did another survey about smoking they sent me 12 packs and wanted my opinion on them and I got paid. Ps... I took off the wrapper that identified what kind they were (wasn't suppose to haha) and they were marbs, camels,and red newports sorry but that's heaven for a smoker getting a free carton+some and getting paid best survey ever!

Grand total including survey's $1,226.00

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