Thursday, October 11, 2012

New updates for instagc

instant gift cards 
There are so many changes I would like to cover. There is a new layout and many new things added.

First there is a code that randomly pops up in chat the first person to enter it will get the points. You have to type "chat-" and what ever follows a lot of people were forgetting the first part. Second where to enter it there is a clickable link below the chat box that says "redeem a booster code" you can click that or when the code pops up in chat you can click  the blue text that says "enter". It will open the page that you can enter the code on.

Another change is there are offer walls now including super rewards, super sonic, matomy money, radium one, virool and peanut labs. To get to the offer wall right above the chat box it says offer walls click that and you will have an extensive list to choose from.

The chat- I want to cover this because I am one of the many who broke the rules during chat. You have to read the rules basically keep it civil, no talking about other reward sites period, no sharing any personal information like emails screen names etc. I don't want you guys getting banned from chat it really helps to be able to talk with others and share advice. So just make sure to read the rules to do so in the chat box at the top there is a open book click that a pop up will open with the rules. 

Now there is a feature where you can share your cashouts with google, facebook, and twitter! Go to your account and you can add these sites and the next time you cash out it will post to what ever site you linked. 

I have had a lot of people sign up and never return. This is a reward site where you can cash out with as little as $1 and that is about 2 offers which normally take 5 minutes or less depending on which ones you choose. And on top of that you get your gift cards instantly I literally mean you push redeem and you get your gift code with in seconds.

I have literally made almost $100 in about a month with all the new changes. Anyways if you need any help you are welcome to contact me through the comment box below or on the chat box. See you there :).

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