Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Two best reward sites


This is the first reward site I took seriously I didn't think they actually existed. This site has so many ways to earn and it really pays. It offers amazon, paypal, walmart and so many more gift cards. The most rewarding way to earn is from filling out offers, watching video's, searching and doing survey's all optional of course.Be sure to look over some of my older posts to help maximize your earnings.


This reward site is really cool. It has a lot of ways to earn. It has special offers, video's, contests and a chat box though. The best part is that your rewards are instant so you won't ever have to wait weeks for your gift cards. Once you cash out you can use the cards immediately. It's really easy to earn a few dollars a day in with little work. Like most reward sites it takes awhile to get into the groove of it just check my previous posts for help and advice you should do fine!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

App that pays like cash back!

I have been gettting into couponing/freebies and came across this post about an app you can make money off of. I went to walmart earlier today before I saw the post and bought somethings we needed including pizza for dinner. After downloading the app I noticed they had the pizza on there that I bought so I thought ok lets try this.

1. I did the two tasks which was click and read something and the other was to answer a 1 question poll.

2. I took a pic of the receipt from my earlier purchase and about 15 minutes later it said approved I was credited $5 (a bonus for using someone's invite link) and .50 cents cash back for buying that pizza brand (some offers are worth more I'll get into that later).

3. The minimum to cashout is $5 I cashed out and had the money sent to my paypal immediately!

Some offers are worth more for example one offer for stove top was $1 (if you go to the store and buy it that's like getting your money back!) another was for $1.75 for capri sun purchase (that's like almost free too).

The app is called Ibotta and the only way to get your points is to upload a pic of your receipt but to get the points you read a recipe or take a 1 question poll and then upload receipt and you'll get those points for the tasks if that makes sense?

If you'd like to sign up and get the $5 bonus you can sign up through my invite link https://ibotta.com/register?friend=MgLDfA here. Please note this bonus can change at any time they do not tell us.

I didn't get the bonus when I signed up and there was no mention of it (besides the lady's post) until I uploaded a pic of the receipt then I got the bonus so don't panic like I did when I didn't get my $5 lol.I couldn't find anywhere that said it had to be a recent purchase so maybe try your luck with old receipts if the items are on there!

Good luck let me know how if you like it!

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Announcement superpoints shut down!

Superpoints shut down. From what I understand there was no warning and this is their statement

Dear Superpoints members,
At the end of January, 2011 the current team began to manage operations of Superpoints.com on behalf of its owner, Superpoints, LLC, in the hopes that we could build a great rewards community. We did our best, but unfortunately Superpoints, LLC has decided to cancel our management relationship and take back management of the site.
Unfortunately we are forced to suspend access to Superpoints.com and members will no longer have access to the site as of 3:00 pm central time on November 7th, 2012. We’re saddened to have to take this action, but extenuating circumstances have forced our hand. We’ll do our best to complete fulfillments on a timely basis for those rewards claimed prior to the site’s suspension.

Anyone with points still in their account lost them. I was never too serious about this site but I couldn't imagine being what it is like for those who did and had a lot of points.  There is a possibility that the management will keep the site up so hope for the best!

Make money from home / free gift cards list

These are sites you can earn money  / gift cards off of for free. 

Instagiftcards the ultimate best one!


Bing rewards:

Be sure to check out my other posts for other ways to earn. 

Easy way to create multiple emails


Mail.com is a free email website. You fill out one page and blam you have an account. The best part about this is that from the one account you made you can create more accounts.

Once you sign up and you are in your inbox there is a navigation pane one the left it will say "mail collector" click that and this opens up a screen.

Then go to "create aliases"

Then click "create new email address"

Now pick an email click create then save

There you go fast way to create emails and more time to do offers!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iphone apps that make money IOS

I searched this the other day looking to take on some new apps to earn rewards and couldn't find a thing on it. So I'll cover the ones I know about. This is not a list of how to make an app to make money this is a list of what apps are out there already and you can download to earn gift cards/rewards.

App Joy- Get points for downloading apps. They offer amazon and itunes.

Realpoints- This is like app joy and app trailers combined there are app downloads and video's to earn points.

App trailers- Watch commercials for points. You can also download apps for extra points this is a hit or miss you might get extra points and you might not. This one offers paypal, amazon, ebay, itunes and more.

Supergift card reward-  This one isn't bad you download apps for points. There aren't many ways to earn on this one sometimes they don't even have downloads but the points add up quickly. You get a bonus for logging in everyday.

Checkpoints- This app is a bar code scanner so while shopping you scan barcodes of products. The gift cards are a little high... for example a $10 was like 3200 points.

Viggle- this app rewards you for watching tv shows. You check in saying that you are watching that show and put your phone down and once that show is over you get points.

Bamboo wallet- I don't know much about this one haven't tried it

Shop kick- haven't tried this either but its an app where you can get points for walking into stores.

Qriket- This one is a qr code scanner add friends to rescan their scans or look online. Rewards depend on games. Paypal $5 min cashout

Swagbucks sbtv mobile-watch videos for points 50 points a day max you can now redeem your points through this app.

Ibotta- This is a cash back type of app if you buy what's on their offers like kool aid for example they'll give you usually $1 back sometimes less. You go shopping go home upload your receipt and scan the barcode. This offers paypal $5 min cash out.

Make money from home

The following list will be of reward sites. These are sites that you do various tasks to earn points which you then trade in for gift cards (some have paypal which is just like cash). They are free to sign up and most of the things on the sites are free I made over $1200 so far.

Most of these I have actually been paid from so I will vouch that they are legit and good companies.

The gift cards range per site some have almost every gift card you can think of and some only have the basic demands like amazon, walmart etc. They will almost always be e gift cards meaning an online gift card so you have to print it out or use it at the company's website. Walmart is such a special one though you can use your e cards to purchase a physical card and have it sent in the mail through walmart.com so keep that in mind for christmas!

These sites are overwhelming at first but very rewarding in the end you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Also I know firsthand that feeling of skepticism so try small at first get enough points for the minimum gift card offered I recommend instagc if you want to just see if these actually pay their cashout is only $1 for amazon which you can apply to your account immediately after you push the redeem button. You will have to verify your account on your first cashout but its a simple text or call that comes in minutes. Read my other posts I always posts tips to getting the most points for my favorite sites.

Instagiftcards: Many ways to earn mostly a special offer site and there are so many gift cards to choose from and also a check option

Swagbucks:  Many ways to earn, almost every gift card you can imagine is offered as well as paypal.

Bing rewards: This is pretty simple not a lot of ways to earn points you search for things ( like performing a search on google just on bing) a certain amount of times a day and that's all. Tango is a good card you can get amazon with that other than that bing offers microsoft points and some other good ones.

Some things to remember:

You won't get rich off these 

They take time 

How much you make depends on how much time you invest a few minutes a day is still worth it but if you want to spend all day then yeah its really worth it. 

You might get tired quick. A lot of these sites are similar its entering emails over and over or watching video's or answer the same demographic questions on survey's. Blah it gets tiring.

but in the end its satisfying well to me at least I can help pay bills, help buy clothes/household necessities, have money in my amazon to buy gifts for holidays, I bought my hubby a kindle which he loves and I never see for $180. I bought my daughter a $200 jumping castle for her birthday and was able to still get her presents. And best of all I can stay home haha :) love that part.   


Earn free gift cards for xbox live

Here is a pic of my cashouts for September and October.$140!

Click the link to sign up I get walmart cards but you can redeem for many other gift cards. The gift cards are instant once you earn enough you get your gift card code right away!

Instagc offers what if's/help

amazon gift card for free

How to get offers to credit?
-Have a new email a real one not disposable go to msn , aol, yahoo what ever create a new account and do this as often as you can. Lots of offers are by the same company and the company is basically paying for "new information".
-Go slow take your time and enter in your real information.
- Go to the end of the offer until you cannot go anymore.
- Clear your browser cookies/history often. Since your history and cookies save information some offers recognize that you have already done an offer for their company.
- Read the requirements
-Firefox is the best browser to use. 

What if an offer doesn't credit?
Well this depends on what you want to do. I usually just retry the offer with a new email and hope it works. All of the offer walls have places to send tickets look in the right hand corner of the wall page and it should say "help" or "support" or something like that.Sometimes its not so easy they can be real air heads at times they will ask over and over for the same info you provided. If that happens open a ticket with instagc or tell them firmly you completed the offer and provided what was asked for. Most cases that will work.

These are common for fraud so to protect the site instagc will hold your points for about a week to make sure you aren't making orders and cancelling or using fake/stolen information. You will get the points if it clears though so don't worry if your points are locked. These kind of offers are risky but sometimes worth it for example I did a big fish offer for a monthly subscription well I got a code in the mail for a free month so I got almost $10 in points for free and a free month of unlimited full edition games.

Like on any site the downloads come with some hefty malware some simple to remove some that takes days (yea speaking from experience grr malware!). A lot of members recommend sandboxie this protects your computer from any malware and all of your downloads.