Saturday, November 3, 2012

Instagc offers what if's/help

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How to get offers to credit?
-Have a new email a real one not disposable go to msn , aol, yahoo what ever create a new account and do this as often as you can. Lots of offers are by the same company and the company is basically paying for "new information".
-Go slow take your time and enter in your real information.
- Go to the end of the offer until you cannot go anymore.
- Clear your browser cookies/history often. Since your history and cookies save information some offers recognize that you have already done an offer for their company.
- Read the requirements
-Firefox is the best browser to use. 

What if an offer doesn't credit?
Well this depends on what you want to do. I usually just retry the offer with a new email and hope it works. All of the offer walls have places to send tickets look in the right hand corner of the wall page and it should say "help" or "support" or something like that.Sometimes its not so easy they can be real air heads at times they will ask over and over for the same info you provided. If that happens open a ticket with instagc or tell them firmly you completed the offer and provided what was asked for. Most cases that will work.

These are common for fraud so to protect the site instagc will hold your points for about a week to make sure you aren't making orders and cancelling or using fake/stolen information. You will get the points if it clears though so don't worry if your points are locked. These kind of offers are risky but sometimes worth it for example I did a big fish offer for a monthly subscription well I got a code in the mail for a free month so I got almost $10 in points for free and a free month of unlimited full edition games.

Like on any site the downloads come with some hefty malware some simple to remove some that takes days (yea speaking from experience grr malware!). A lot of members recommend sandboxie this protects your computer from any malware and all of your downloads.

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