Saturday, November 3, 2012

Iphone apps that make money IOS

I searched this the other day looking to take on some new apps to earn rewards and couldn't find a thing on it. So I'll cover the ones I know about. This is not a list of how to make an app to make money this is a list of what apps are out there already and you can download to earn gift cards/rewards.

App Joy- Get points for downloading apps. They offer amazon and itunes.

Realpoints- This is like app joy and app trailers combined there are app downloads and video's to earn points.

App trailers- Watch commercials for points. You can also download apps for extra points this is a hit or miss you might get extra points and you might not. This one offers paypal, amazon, ebay, itunes and more.

Supergift card reward-  This one isn't bad you download apps for points. There aren't many ways to earn on this one sometimes they don't even have downloads but the points add up quickly. You get a bonus for logging in everyday.

Checkpoints- This app is a bar code scanner so while shopping you scan barcodes of products. The gift cards are a little high... for example a $10 was like 3200 points.

Viggle- this app rewards you for watching tv shows. You check in saying that you are watching that show and put your phone down and once that show is over you get points.

Bamboo wallet- I don't know much about this one haven't tried it

Shop kick- haven't tried this either but its an app where you can get points for walking into stores.

Qriket- This one is a qr code scanner add friends to rescan their scans or look online. Rewards depend on games. Paypal $5 min cashout

Swagbucks sbtv mobile-watch videos for points 50 points a day max you can now redeem your points through this app.

Ibotta- This is a cash back type of app if you buy what's on their offers like kool aid for example they'll give you usually $1 back sometimes less. You go shopping go home upload your receipt and scan the barcode. This offers paypal $5 min cash out.


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  2. There are a lot of ways to earn money these days. If we'll search for it, we can find it.

  3. There are a lot of better apps than appnana right now.... try Crazylex (is only for iOS), you can win prizes like ps4, ipad mini, amazon gift cards, itunes gift cards, gamestop gift cards, and many many other sfuffs... try it for free... i'ts much better...