Saturday, November 3, 2012

Make money from home

The following list will be of reward sites. These are sites that you do various tasks to earn points which you then trade in for gift cards (some have paypal which is just like cash). They are free to sign up and most of the things on the sites are free I made over $1200 so far.

Most of these I have actually been paid from so I will vouch that they are legit and good companies.

The gift cards range per site some have almost every gift card you can think of and some only have the basic demands like amazon, walmart etc. They will almost always be e gift cards meaning an online gift card so you have to print it out or use it at the company's website. Walmart is such a special one though you can use your e cards to purchase a physical card and have it sent in the mail through so keep that in mind for christmas!

These sites are overwhelming at first but very rewarding in the end you'll get the hang of it sooner or later. Also I know firsthand that feeling of skepticism so try small at first get enough points for the minimum gift card offered I recommend instagc if you want to just see if these actually pay their cashout is only $1 for amazon which you can apply to your account immediately after you push the redeem button. You will have to verify your account on your first cashout but its a simple text or call that comes in minutes. Read my other posts I always posts tips to getting the most points for my favorite sites.

Instagiftcards: Many ways to earn mostly a special offer site and there are so many gift cards to choose from and also a check option

Swagbucks:  Many ways to earn, almost every gift card you can imagine is offered as well as paypal.

Bing rewards: This is pretty simple not a lot of ways to earn points you search for things ( like performing a search on google just on bing) a certain amount of times a day and that's all. Tango is a good card you can get amazon with that other than that bing offers microsoft points and some other good ones.

Some things to remember:

You won't get rich off these 

They take time 

How much you make depends on how much time you invest a few minutes a day is still worth it but if you want to spend all day then yeah its really worth it. 

You might get tired quick. A lot of these sites are similar its entering emails over and over or watching video's or answer the same demographic questions on survey's. Blah it gets tiring.

but in the end its satisfying well to me at least I can help pay bills, help buy clothes/household necessities, have money in my amazon to buy gifts for holidays, I bought my hubby a kindle which he loves and I never see for $180. I bought my daughter a $200 jumping castle for her birthday and was able to still get her presents. And best of all I can stay home haha :) love that part.   


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