Saturday, November 17, 2012

App that pays like cash back!

I have been gettting into couponing/freebies and came across this post about an app you can make money off of. I went to walmart earlier today before I saw the post and bought somethings we needed including pizza for dinner. After downloading the app I noticed they had the pizza on there that I bought so I thought ok lets try this.

1. I did the two tasks which was click and read something and the other was to answer a 1 question poll.

2. I took a pic of the receipt from my earlier purchase and about 15 minutes later it said approved I was credited $5 (a bonus for using someone's invite link) and .50 cents cash back for buying that pizza brand (some offers are worth more I'll get into that later).

3. The minimum to cashout is $5 I cashed out and had the money sent to my paypal immediately!

Some offers are worth more for example one offer for stove top was $1 (if you go to the store and buy it that's like getting your money back!) another was for $1.75 for capri sun purchase (that's like almost free too).

The app is called Ibotta and the only way to get your points is to upload a pic of your receipt but to get the points you read a recipe or take a 1 question poll and then upload receipt and you'll get those points for the tasks if that makes sense?

If you'd like to sign up and get the $5 bonus you can sign up through my invite link here. Please note this bonus can change at any time they do not tell us.

I didn't get the bonus when I signed up and there was no mention of it (besides the lady's post) until I uploaded a pic of the receipt then I got the bonus so don't panic like I did when I didn't get my $5 lol.I couldn't find anywhere that said it had to be a recent purchase so maybe try your luck with old receipts if the items are on there!

Good luck let me know how if you like it!

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