Tuesday, November 12, 2013

My most recent money making list

These are the sites I do currently.all legit I have been paid

Instagc-easy and lots of ways to earn I earn a lot off this one monthly
Tellwut-easy take polls daily/weekly
Swagbucks-easy and lots of ways to earn
Bing Rewards- easy just search daily
Irazoo-easy and many ways to earn

These are the apps (IOS) I do currently

Swagbucks mobile tv-easy let it run at night easy $15 monthly
Viggle-check into shows
App trailers-watch videos
Field Agent
photorewards bonus code is "cloverbright" for $1-$8 in points (random) 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

New app!! to make money off of

Photorewards this app is so so so so easy. You download apps and upload a screen shot for points a lot of the downloads are 200-500 points.Some downloads can take awhile to register to get credit for them so patience is needed.

Anyway I have cashed out both paypal and amazon and it worked.This is a easy reward app to get gift cards! Make sure to play the inbox game if you get it you can win points and xp to level up. The higher your level the more bonus points you and your referrals get.

The payments are amazon, paypal and a few others. 
Oh and my assigned bonus code if you want it is " cloverbright " I am level 6 so it should get you at least a $1 and up to $8 its random

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sites like Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the very first place that got me into reward sites. So far the best site that gives Swagbucks a good run is Instagc. I say this because Instagc's offers are worth more and are so much easier to get to credit. There is a chat box for help when you need it and mods that help keep it clean. The admin is very hands on and that's uncommon with sites.
 The rewards are literally instant (except for the check option of course). That means when you press the redeem button it pops up on your screen no waiting weeks to see if the site it lefitimate or not. Also the cashouts are sometimes as little as $1 no minimum "$20" like other sites. $1 should be very easy to get your first day you can shoot for the daily contest first place prize is $10! There are so many more special offer walls than Swagbucks too. Hands down way better than swagbucks except when its "slow" per say there is no sbtv or games to play to get points but there are walls that have videos.

Second to Instagc and Swagbucks would be Irazoo. The point system is odd and the site is kind of all over the place I do not do that one anymore but may be worth it if you have time.

*Remember be honest and real with your information. No using the dot trick in emails, no prepaid cards/phones for offers and no creating multiple accounts or fake referrals and be sure to read the rules/guides. * If you have any questions I am always happy to help

Canadian users you can make money!

Most reward sites have earning options for US users only not Instagc! If you are a user in Canada you can earn free money too! It's free to sign up and the BEST reward site out there. There are many friendly users and awesome rewards. Join today by clicking here

I also have an app for you if you have an Iphone it's called Qriket the payment is paypal and the currency is Canadian since they are based out of Canada it's really fun too. It is for US users as well but you will have to set your paypal to convert it to US money.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Qriket the app

So I know there is not much about this one online but this is a very easy app to earn on. You get 10 wands a day and to use those wands you scan qr codes (or rescan others) then you choose blue or yellow. If you choose right then you will get the money amount listed (usually .5 but I have won $5, $3 and $2). The cashout minimum is now $5 it used to be $2.

-Quick tip check in every few hours press the farther button on the right bottom (its a wand) if there is an ad click it for 2 extra wands. I have noticed this is less frequent than it used to be I used to get the ad every hour and a half now its every few hours.

-You can double for nothing if you win your spin. It spins lands on a number and you guess if it is going to be higher or lower than that number guess right you get double your original spin.

Now you can donate your winnings!

Your welcome to add me its easier having friends so you don't have to find and scan your own qr codes all of the time. You should be able to find me under "Alysia"

Easy points for app trailer

I love this app! I do it in my very spare time. So there are a few ways you can get some easy points.

Upload a video the most common are cartoons like family guy and you can submit youtube videos to upload as well. To upload them use the exact way it is capitalization and all. The part of the link to you tube you need to submit will be after the "watch?v= this is where the video id you need to copy will be)

 if members like the video you submit they like it and you will get 5 points per like.

Sharing is another way to get easy points on a video click share click facebook you can do this 10 times for 9 points each.

Promo- I often find 100 point videos in this section so be sure to check every few days.

Also don't forget to do your scratcher daily (go to redeem click free scratcher )

Monday, April 29, 2013

Example of a Special offer

Here is an example of a offer on instagc you can find these on the left hand side under "complete offers" or "Offer Walls" (This option has many walls to complete)

You fill out this simple form and click submit voila 15 points in less than 30 seconds. Some offers require more/less work be sure to read the requirements and use new emails often. Need help with an offer? Contact me I am always happy to help! Once I complete an offer I can't go back and redo it so I will try to help the best I can. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Get free gift cards

I made $209 just this month! You can too it's so easy! I'm saving for a check (new option) it will come in handy for my wedding I am so glad to have this site. It's legit and all of the gift cards except a check are instant. Cash out's start as little as $1 Click here to get  instant gift cards

Friday, March 1, 2013

Paying apps on your iphone ios Mpoints

Mpoints- Earn points for gift cards from your iphone

I'll explain what I think it is. Mpoints is a reward app within an app. The first one I downloaded (there are many) was crackle. Mpoints doesn't have it's own app that you can just download and access you need these other apps to access mpoints.

You can sign up for mpoints by downloading one of the apps go to the app store and search for mpoints, crackle or craigslist are some easy ones to find too.

The button for mpoints varies between apps most of the time its a box with a ribbon icon and other times it will physically say mpoints. Sometimes its on the main page and sometimes you need to go into account to find mpoints.

So what you do depends on what app you install. For example one mpoints app is called Daily Puppy this is a sinch you look through puppy pics. If you tweet about one you get points if you click favorite or click on at least 5 pics you get points. Some of the other apps are watching video trailers or playing a game stuff like that. Most apps I have downloaded give me almost 100mpoints each and I have 8 downloaded.

These are what I have downloaded
Daily Puppy
Trailer Addict
Tap da cookie
Zap da bug
I am bored

Here is a list of some mpoints apps
Also don't forget to check out other apps that pay 

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Getting started on Instagc

I'll cover the basics :) you can sign up here
Start earning amazongift cards
Instagc is a reward site where you get points to do tasks. These can vary from video's, survey's, email submits, signing up to sites, and downloads are just some of them. These points can then be redeemed for a gift card and on this site you will get your gift card right away because its an e-gift card.Most of the tasks (actual term is special offer) are free and just require your time.

Getting started
Sign up for a email that you won't care about and start with that. Every few offers its best to use a new email because a lot of these special offers are from the same companies and once you submit your email they have it and are not going to pay you a second time. It's also suggested to clear your history often including cookies/cache. Here is an easy way to create emails and save time

Once you have created an email the most important section of instagc will be your left hand side. These ones will especially be important.

Complete offers- This is the main wall.
Offer walls- These are offers from other companies and there are several walls with in this category. 
Shared shopping- You can share your link so if your friend or family shops through say amazon you can get points for their purchase as well as any purchases you make.
Contests- If you rank in any of these contests you will get a nice bonus at midnight
Support-If you have any questions or have any trouble with any thing open a ticket or ask in chat.

Another thing I do is keep my eye on the chat when I can if I see a lot of the same offers being credited. If you do downloads make sure to use sandboxie or a program like that. Sandboxie is a program that will keep your computer safe from any harm like viruses or malware. If new to sandboxie make sure to click close and not recover on all of your downloads.

Sometimes these offers don't credit it's trial and error so patience is required.New offers are added every day and the offers that are capped (reached max people for the day) usually return at midnight their time.

35,000 would be equivalent to $350 in gift cards
The yellow lock is because i have frozen points.
Frozen points: Any trial over 225 points are locked for verification they will unlock in 7-14 days after completion is verified. 

A booster point code will show in chat and these and random points. When you see these click the blue "enter" and enter the code shown as fast as you can. Include the chat- part or it won't work.

If you see a string of weird letters like this in the chat AHGD-SJ4U etc... from an admin or a mod it's usually an amazon code race to amazon and hope your first to claim it!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FAQ About reward sites

I hope to cover most of your questions about reward sites and what they do. If I haven't answered your question feel free to comment!

How to earn a walmart gift card for free

The most common question I see is is this legit? 
Almost everything I post about I have tried and had success. I completely understand your skepticism as I was once in your shoes and I am a very hard person to convince anything to!Just take it slow and keep in mind when you gain experience you'll be racking up rewards. Instagc has gift cards that are given to you instantly upon redemption and the lowest costs 100 points which is like 2 or 3 offers so you might want to try that too.

Another question is how can I make $50 quickly? 

Well I've been doing these kind of sites for quite awhile now and it still takes me some time to earn $50 so your going to have to be patient and get to know reward sites then you can start earning good amounts. With all my sites I average about $5-$7 a day it could be more but I have a family and don't have time like I used to have. So basically entering in your email once is not going to get you $50 so many people have that misconception. And your not going to earn $50 in a day but in a week is very possible so you have to think realistic.

Another one is where is my free gift card?

I see this on chat all the time. There must be some dishonest bloggers out there because some people really believe they are going to get a huge gift card for free or for just signing up with the site FALSE!. While they are called free gift cards you actually have to earn them so they are free but no in a sense because you have to do tasks to get them.

Why create new emails?/ What is a special offer

Basically the advertisers want something whether its new members, opinions or potential customers whatever it may be they pay companies like swagbucks and instagc to get that and that's where you come in. So why new emails? Basically they won't give you credit if you sign up twice and a common identifier is a persons email if that makes sense?

A special offer is for example... getting an auto insurance quote you fill out your info and get paid for doing so. Again companies do this for various reasons in this case it would probably be the possibility of gaining new customers. This usually pays around equivalent to $1. Or another example sign up for amazon local's newsletter (amazon is a highly trusted site! too) . This would pay like .20 but its easy enter an email and click submit. It's really that easy and these are called special offers.

How will I get paid?

Most of the time you will get an e gift card basically a card you can use on a website only like walmart for example you can only use these cards at walmart.com or print it out and use it in store. Paypal of course goes into your account and instagc also has the option of having a check sent to your mailing address. Some e-gift cards cannot be used in store so be sure to check before you cash out.

When will I get paid?

This differs between reward sites instagc is instant except for the check of course you'd have to wait for your mail but all the others are given as soon as you push the button. Swagbucks takes a week or two usually and so do other reward sites.

If you have any more questions please contact me or leave a comment!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exciting news for swagbucks!

I'm so excited to tell you all this!

Swagbucks lowered their prices before the holidays so people could get more and they announced today after they crunched some numbers that the discounts  will stay. They also took off the limit of 5 gc's per amount and this change stayed too. I think the only downfall is that there isn't any more $5 or $10 paypal cards.

Here is an idea of the difference

A $5 walmart card would of cost 539sb it only costs 500 now.
A $50 paypal would of cost 6,330 it only costs 5,000 now. < I usually get this one and this is seriously nice that gives me like an extra $10 in points to spare monthly.

This is also nice because there are less paying offers now but hopefully with the new year there will be new offers that are paying better.