Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Exciting news for swagbucks!

I'm so excited to tell you all this!

Swagbucks lowered their prices before the holidays so people could get more and they announced today after they crunched some numbers that the discounts  will stay. They also took off the limit of 5 gc's per amount and this change stayed too. I think the only downfall is that there isn't any more $5 or $10 paypal cards.

Here is an idea of the difference

A $5 walmart card would of cost 539sb it only costs 500 now.
A $50 paypal would of cost 6,330 it only costs 5,000 now. < I usually get this one and this is seriously nice that gives me like an extra $10 in points to spare monthly.

This is also nice because there are less paying offers now but hopefully with the new year there will be new offers that are paying better.

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