Thursday, February 21, 2013

FAQ About reward sites

I hope to cover most of your questions about reward sites and what they do. If I haven't answered your question feel free to comment!

How to earn a walmart gift card for free

The most common question I see is is this legit? 
Almost everything I post about I have tried and had success. I completely understand your skepticism as I was once in your shoes and I am a very hard person to convince anything to!Just take it slow and keep in mind when you gain experience you'll be racking up rewards. Instagc has gift cards that are given to you instantly upon redemption and the lowest costs 100 points which is like 2 or 3 offers so you might want to try that too.

Another question is how can I make $50 quickly? 

Well I've been doing these kind of sites for quite awhile now and it still takes me some time to earn $50 so your going to have to be patient and get to know reward sites then you can start earning good amounts. With all my sites I average about $5-$7 a day it could be more but I have a family and don't have time like I used to have. So basically entering in your email once is not going to get you $50 so many people have that misconception. And your not going to earn $50 in a day but in a week is very possible so you have to think realistic.

Another one is where is my free gift card?

I see this on chat all the time. There must be some dishonest bloggers out there because some people really believe they are going to get a huge gift card for free or for just signing up with the site FALSE!. While they are called free gift cards you actually have to earn them so they are free but no in a sense because you have to do tasks to get them.

Why create new emails?/ What is a special offer

Basically the advertisers want something whether its new members, opinions or potential customers whatever it may be they pay companies like swagbucks and instagc to get that and that's where you come in. So why new emails? Basically they won't give you credit if you sign up twice and a common identifier is a persons email if that makes sense?

A special offer is for example... getting an auto insurance quote you fill out your info and get paid for doing so. Again companies do this for various reasons in this case it would probably be the possibility of gaining new customers. This usually pays around equivalent to $1. Or another example sign up for amazon local's newsletter (amazon is a highly trusted site! too) . This would pay like .20 but its easy enter an email and click submit. It's really that easy and these are called special offers.

How will I get paid?

Most of the time you will get an e gift card basically a card you can use on a website only like walmart for example you can only use these cards at or print it out and use it in store. Paypal of course goes into your account and instagc also has the option of having a check sent to your mailing address. Some e-gift cards cannot be used in store so be sure to check before you cash out.

When will I get paid?

This differs between reward sites instagc is instant except for the check of course you'd have to wait for your mail but all the others are given as soon as you push the button. Swagbucks takes a week or two usually and so do other reward sites.

If you have any more questions please contact me or leave a comment!

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