Friday, March 1, 2013

Paying apps on your iphone ios Mpoints

Mpoints- Earn points for gift cards from your iphone

I'll explain what I think it is. Mpoints is a reward app within an app. The first one I downloaded (there are many) was crackle. Mpoints doesn't have it's own app that you can just download and access you need these other apps to access mpoints.

You can sign up for mpoints by downloading one of the apps go to the app store and search for mpoints, crackle or craigslist are some easy ones to find too.

The button for mpoints varies between apps most of the time its a box with a ribbon icon and other times it will physically say mpoints. Sometimes its on the main page and sometimes you need to go into account to find mpoints.

So what you do depends on what app you install. For example one mpoints app is called Daily Puppy this is a sinch you look through puppy pics. If you tweet about one you get points if you click favorite or click on at least 5 pics you get points. Some of the other apps are watching video trailers or playing a game stuff like that. Most apps I have downloaded give me almost 100mpoints each and I have 8 downloaded.

These are what I have downloaded
Daily Puppy
Trailer Addict
Tap da cookie
Zap da bug
I am bored

Here is a list of some mpoints apps
Also don't forget to check out other apps that pay 

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  2. Mpoints doesn't have it's own app that you can just download and access you need these other apps to access mpoints.

  3. Yes thank you I have that up there