Friday, March 1, 2013

Getting started on Instagc

I'll cover the basics :) you can sign up here
Start earning amazongift cards
Instagc is a reward site where you get points to do tasks. These can vary from video's, survey's, email submits, signing up to sites, and downloads are just some of them. These points can then be redeemed for a gift card and on this site you will get your gift card right away because its an e-gift card.Most of the tasks (actual term is special offer) are free and just require your time.

Getting started
Sign up for a email that you won't care about and start with that. Every few offers its best to use a new email because a lot of these special offers are from the same companies and once you submit your email they have it and are not going to pay you a second time. It's also suggested to clear your history often including cookies/cache. Here is an easy way to create emails and save time

Once you have created an email the most important section of instagc will be your left hand side. These ones will especially be important.

Complete offers- This is the main wall.
Offer walls- These are offers from other companies and there are several walls with in this category. 
Shared shopping- You can share your link so if your friend or family shops through say amazon you can get points for their purchase as well as any purchases you make.
Contests- If you rank in any of these contests you will get a nice bonus at midnight
Support-If you have any questions or have any trouble with any thing open a ticket or ask in chat.

Another thing I do is keep my eye on the chat when I can if I see a lot of the same offers being credited. If you do downloads make sure to use sandboxie or a program like that. Sandboxie is a program that will keep your computer safe from any harm like viruses or malware. If new to sandboxie make sure to click close and not recover on all of your downloads.

Sometimes these offers don't credit it's trial and error so patience is required.New offers are added every day and the offers that are capped (reached max people for the day) usually return at midnight their time.

35,000 would be equivalent to $350 in gift cards
The yellow lock is because i have frozen points.
Frozen points: Any trial over 225 points are locked for verification they will unlock in 7-14 days after completion is verified. 

A booster point code will show in chat and these and random points. When you see these click the blue "enter" and enter the code shown as fast as you can. Include the chat- part or it won't work.

If you see a string of weird letters like this in the chat AHGD-SJ4U etc... from an admin or a mod it's usually an amazon code race to amazon and hope your first to claim it!

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