Monday, July 22, 2013

Easy points for app trailer

I love this app! I do it in my very spare time. So there are a few ways you can get some easy points.

Upload a video the most common are cartoons like family guy and you can submit youtube videos to upload as well. To upload them use the exact way it is capitalization and all. The part of the link to you tube you need to submit will be after the "watch?v= this is where the video id you need to copy will be)

 if members like the video you submit they like it and you will get 5 points per like.

Sharing is another way to get easy points on a video click share click facebook you can do this 10 times for 9 points each.

Promo- I often find 100 point videos in this section so be sure to check every few days.

Also don't forget to do your scratcher daily (go to redeem click free scratcher )


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  2. Hey. I submit a video and its been 19 hours +. And when I try to play the video and the ad works but after it says cant play. I tried this:


  3. Has the video been approved by App trailers? It might not show until it is approved