Monday, July 22, 2013

Qriket the app

So I know there is not much about this one online but this is a very easy app to earn on. You get 10 wands a day and to use those wands you scan qr codes (or rescan others) then you choose blue or yellow. If you choose right then you will get the money amount listed (usually .5 but I have won $5, $3 and $2). The cashout minimum is now $5 it used to be $2.

-Quick tip check in every few hours press the farther button on the right bottom (its a wand) if there is an ad click it for 2 extra wands. I have noticed this is less frequent than it used to be I used to get the ad every hour and a half now its every few hours.

-You can double for nothing if you win your spin. It spins lands on a number and you guess if it is going to be higher or lower than that number guess right you get double your original spin.

Now you can donate your winnings!

Your welcome to add me its easier having friends so you don't have to find and scan your own qr codes all of the time. You should be able to find me under "Alysia"

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