Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sites like Swagbucks

Swagbucks is the very first place that got me into reward sites. So far the best site that gives Swagbucks a good run is Instagc. I say this because Instagc's offers are worth more and are so much easier to get to credit. There is a chat box for help when you need it and mods that help keep it clean. The admin is very hands on and that's uncommon with sites.
 The rewards are literally instant (except for the check option of course). That means when you press the redeem button it pops up on your screen no waiting weeks to see if the site it lefitimate or not. Also the cashouts are sometimes as little as $1 no minimum "$20" like other sites. $1 should be very easy to get your first day you can shoot for the daily contest first place prize is $10! There are so many more special offer walls than Swagbucks too. Hands down way better than swagbucks except when its "slow" per say there is no sbtv or games to play to get points but there are walls that have videos.

Second to Instagc and Swagbucks would be Irazoo. The point system is odd and the site is kind of all over the place I do not do that one anymore but may be worth it if you have time.

*Remember be honest and real with your information. No using the dot trick in emails, no prepaid cards/phones for offers and no creating multiple accounts or fake referrals and be sure to read the rules/guides. * If you have any questions I am always happy to help

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  1. InstaGC is hard to navigate, I tried but never made time with them. Swagbucks is 10 times better.