Monday, October 6, 2014

Cash back for Groceries rebates

Checkout 51  rebates for groceries, Min $20 cashout
Ibotta  Rebates for groceries, Min $5 paypal, venmo, giftcards
Shopmium (use code GGFFUKTC for free lindt bar), Paypal
Snap by Groupon. rebates for groceries, Min $20 cashout
Berrycart rebates for healthy groceries, Min $5 paypal, giftcards

If you don't find anything you like remember most rebates change weekly so keep trying!

Snap by Groupon - Save on Groceries

Groupon released this new app called Snap by Groupon it is similar to checkout 51 but also really like Ibotta. It is a rebate app for certain purchases. Some of the rebates are not limited per person and they are pretty high value for example my favorite is the $3 Huggies Diaper rebate. We hardly see high value huggies coupons be this much let alone being able to stack a coupon and the rebate unlimited amounts of times. The only bad thing is the cash out is minimum $20 and no gift card options but with the value of these rebates I am sure most of us will reach $20 in no time. I've submitted two receipts so far and it took about a day for them to approved. So far I like this app sign up here.

#rebate #freemoney #cashback

Ibotta get cash rebates

Wow we have some great cash back rebates this month from Ibotta and an awesome team bonus. This month October the team bonus is going to allow us to get up to $20 in bonuses for completing the levels! If you haven't signed up yet you can sign up here and you will be added to my team. I've earned over $168 with this app it is definitely a keeper!

So it looks like these may be the levels 
Level 1 4 rebates $1 bonus
Level 2 3 rebates $1 bonus
Level 3 2 rebates $0.50 bonus 
Level 4 10 rebates ? bonus 
and there must be so many more levels.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Updated Instagc Review

If you have looked through my blog you will see Instagc a lot. I have been a member since 2012 and have earned over $1900 since that time. I'm still in love this site has helped us through so many hard times it has helped us pay bills, get food/gas money, fund birthday parties for my children, made Christmas even possible, and helped fund my wedding.  Being a stay at home mom I am so glad to be able to help with what I can and still be able to stay at home.

I've slowed down a lot this year with my son being such a busy body its hard to sit down and get some time to earn but I do when I can. I took this picture last night you can't see 2012  I am a
 I don't chat much but you will see me on from time to time :).

This is my last check I received! My biggest check so far was $300.  I think one of the things I like most about this site is that the survey's I take I have actually seen some of my opinions be put to use. For example I helped with the label design, ad/coupon/slogan and price of the product Wet Naps. I also coupon and while looking through my inserts (coupons) the exact ad I picked for this product (I am sure along with many others) there it was!

I have helped pizza places come up with promotions/deals and new products to come out (like lava cake!). And I have helped with the main character, story plot, featured picture and theme of some apps. I have also helped with a bug windshield washer fluid the design of the label what it says where etc I saw in Walmart right on the shelf. That is beyond cool that some one ordinary like me can influence products. The best part is that you get paid for it most of those kind of surveys are fun and engaging they are my favorite!

This site is not only doing something for members but also helping companies! This is THE best reward ( gpt) site out there I have tried many and this is hands down the only one! Sign up here if you ever have any questions, want help or just want to know what offers I have been doing lately drop me a message or comment here I am always happy to help!


Remember to confirm your email and explore! Make new emails frequently for offers never use your personal one and download the pinger app if you plan on signing up for quotes, newsletters etc the calls/emails can get overwhelming. Be patient make sure your ad pop up blocker is not on and make sure you have sandboxie to protect your computer from viruses if you do downloads (pc not mobile apps). While the site is safe the downloads add on's often contain some sort of annoyance since these are from different advertisers instagc has no control over what is in the downloads. Trials be sure your interested and try it through the full trial before cancelling if you don't like it this way you've given the product the most opportunity to show you its worth keeping. Try the mobile apps or search for lab 42 and live sample these are my favorite so simple so quick!

Your minimum cashout can be as little as $1 depending on your choice of reward. You must confirm your phone number one time only! After that all gift cards are immediately instant and check usually takes 3-9 business days. I get mine quickly and I think they are on the other side of the states to me. I can not stress this enough use your real information every time all the time! This site focuses heavily on integrity and maintaining an honest site. Advertisers offer more money and more opportunity to users if valid information is being honestly submitted so this is very important. Click to view the opportunities to earn .

Friday, October 3, 2014

Stackerz review

I swear Influenster is just the best!! This time I was sent Pedigree Stackerz free for reviewing purposes. My frost was so eager to get one as soon as I put the package toward him his nose was all over it. The treats themselves are about as long as your hand and about half an inch thick. There is two sides one dark and one brown side. Frost gobbled two treats up within seconds he really loved them! So this product is definitely a go for your furry ones! I received this product free from Influnster to give to my pet. +Influenster +PEDIGREE® Treats +PEDIGREE® Brand

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Chapstick Hydration lock review

I received this product free from Smiley 360 to try and give my unbiased opinion. This chapstick is quite unique it doesn't have just one side but two. One size is a moisturizer and the other side is to renew. I like the moisture side better than the renew it just makes my lips feel softer.

Try free products and review

For awhile now I have been doing a lot of sites that give you the opportunity to try products in exchange for your unbiased review. Here are some that are my favorite.

Qualify for missions. Most of the time it will only be one product to try, review and share on social sites. They often send coupons.
Request products you would be interested in trying if you fit they will send it to you and you just review.
They send a whole box of goodies to try and review they also have other tasks.
Take challenges for brands some opportunities for gift cards and free products
Opportunities for free products 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Amazon mom

As many times as I have ordered from Amazon especially diapers and wipes I never considered joining for Amazon mom. I recently joined when they had a promotion going on and I can see keeping it. If you have a little one in diapers like I do Amazon mom is for you. You will save 20% on diapers and wipes and you get access to exclusive Amazon coupons. Sign up for your free 30 day trial here. 

Remember you can choose subscribe and save to save even more and get shipping for free. Huggies Wipes can be as little as $6.78 sometimes with coupon Amazon mom and subscribe and save well worth it!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Influenster eBay badge

I'm participating in a contest via Influenster (try free products and review) my task was to write seller guides on eBay. To sell successfully you can get all the info on my guide found here 
here is my second one

+eBay +Influenster  #ebaysellingguides

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My free products to review

Whoo hoo got another Voxbox from Influenster. I love trying new/free things! If you don't know Influenster is a free site sign up and occasionally you will get in on a vox box!
Here is what came in mine!
Neo to Go
Shell Fuel rewards card
Free coupon for Breyer Gelato
Ivory soap bar
Avon Anew
and Puffs tissues
So excited for this opportunity I love the different kind of products in this box .

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Ibotta is an awesome awesome app! I have been using this for awhile now and didn't accrue as much as I could of but in the last month I made $19.50 because I have been couponing and matching the ibotta deals with sales too. Some of the time this even can make products free or a money maker. For example one offer I had was buy Poise pads get $1 I used a $3/1 coupon and the pads were only $2.72 so not only did I get overage at Walmart I also got $1 from Ibotta! Payment is paypal and minimum is $5. 

What kind of offers are on ibotta? It varies about each week or so they add new offers and some times there is a special offer like buy any gallon milk get .50 or any 12 ct eggs. They also have extra bonuses like redeem 3 offers before 1/5 and get an extra $1. They are now expanding beyond just groceries/household items they have added some pet items as well as items from Burger King, Subway and Jamba juice!

Amazon's Mturk

Mturk is basically doing various tasks for pay. If you have ever done Crowd Flower it is very similar in fact some jobs are even for Crowd Flower. Each payment depends on what the company/person listing feels like paying. Some I have gotten .75 for a like literally two minute survey and some are only .5 and take a lot of time it just depends. You have to do a "hit" is what they call them..every day for at least 10 days to be able to cash out or use your earnings. I easily made $28 it just depends on what you invest time wise and what jobs you pick. I like to search survey and filter high to low and only show jobs I qualify for. Payments can be deposited in your bank account or they can be used for purchases off amazon :). The site is just it is ran by Amazon and I have been paid both of the ways I have used some of my earnings on an Amazon order and I have withdrawn to my bank (took a few days). 

Is Mturk legit heck yes!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Newest apps!

Scanning bar codes for cash? 

Oh yes! Scantopia is the app (IOS not sure about andriod)
Scantopia is a fun app you use energy (get one every half hour) to scan bar codes. When you scan these you will have the possibilty of earning money most I have earned in a single scan is .75 a few times! Other times you will win tokens which can be used for the various sweepstakes one is a weekly of up to $1,000 (pot grows to maximum $1,000 with users scans). Minimum cash out is $3 and payment is paypal! I've been using for about a week and a half? You will get a $1 bonus from your first scan and a $1 bonus if you allow your location the rest was from scans.

 Legit paid instantly 3 times!

 How about getting paid for receipts? Yes this too! Crazy right? 
Receiptpal  this is a basic app you can upload any receipt except for bills so yes gas, clothing etc. You will get 5 cards to start with and 2 cards each week there after. Each card has 4 slots to fill with receipts. Each card will get you 100 points (not equivalent to $1). breakdown of points for rewards
$1 amazon =375 points
$3 amazon=975 points
$5 amazon=1550 points 
and it goes to $25, $50 and $100 amazon also there is gift cards available and a few other choices. The only extra way I have seen to get points was during the holidays if I snapped a receipt from Christmas eve and Christmas day I got an extra 25 points not very much.. So this app is not a quick one to earn from but its easy to snap receipts weekly since I do it anyway with receipthog I already have them ready to be snapped. This one is a lot easier to take pics of than receipthog you just have to show the retailer, total and date/time so if you have a long receipt you can fold it up to only show the required. Happy earning guys and gals ;) This app also accepts online receipts and will go 30 days back for receipts.

Legit paid instantly 2 times

I will cover receipthog because I haven't yet.. I first downloaded this on my iphone 3gs I got so frustrated with it telling me to keep iphone flat I deleted it lol. I now have a 4s and gave it another go. This one is quite picky you must upload the whole receipt and it has to be very legible so any creased receipts are harder to get approved. My husband I swear his receipts are folded like 100 times I asked him please just fold it in half he said oh ok like this yeah not happening haha. I tried :).
This app only accepts receipts from grocery items and purchases made with in the last 2 weeks. A receipt less than $10 will give 5 coins $10-$50 will give 10 coins, $50-$100 will give 15 coins and over $100 will give 20 coins. Rewards are amazon and paypal with a minimum of 1000 coins this will get you a $5 card. This is a very slow app good thing I coupon and always have a ton of receipts lol :).