Sunday, January 5, 2014

Amazon's Mturk

Mturk is basically doing various tasks for pay. If you have ever done Crowd Flower it is very similar in fact some jobs are even for Crowd Flower. Each payment depends on what the company/person listing feels like paying. Some I have gotten .75 for a like literally two minute survey and some are only .5 and take a lot of time it just depends. You have to do a "hit" is what they call them..every day for at least 10 days to be able to cash out or use your earnings. I easily made $28 it just depends on what you invest time wise and what jobs you pick. I like to search survey and filter high to low and only show jobs I qualify for. Payments can be deposited in your bank account or they can be used for purchases off amazon :). The site is just it is ran by Amazon and I have been paid both of the ways I have used some of my earnings on an Amazon order and I have withdrawn to my bank (took a few days). 

Is Mturk legit heck yes!

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  1. Mturk bank and paypal payments only exist for USA members. All the rest of us are Amazon Payments only. Last time I resigned in disgust that is, maybe they have improved on how they treat us Brits.