Saturday, January 4, 2014

Newest apps!

Scanning bar codes for cash? 

Oh yes! Scantopia is the app (IOS not sure about andriod)
Scantopia is a fun app you use energy (get one every half hour) to scan bar codes. When you scan these you will have the possibilty of earning money most I have earned in a single scan is .75 a few times! Other times you will win tokens which can be used for the various sweepstakes one is a weekly of up to $1,000 (pot grows to maximum $1,000 with users scans). Minimum cash out is $3 and payment is paypal! I've been using for about a week and a half? You will get a $1 bonus from your first scan and a $1 bonus if you allow your location the rest was from scans.

 Legit paid instantly 3 times!

 How about getting paid for receipts? Yes this too! Crazy right? 
Receiptpal  this is a basic app you can upload any receipt except for bills so yes gas, clothing etc. You will get 5 cards to start with and 2 cards each week there after. Each card has 4 slots to fill with receipts. Each card will get you 100 points (not equivalent to $1). breakdown of points for rewards
$1 amazon =375 points
$3 amazon=975 points
$5 amazon=1550 points 
and it goes to $25, $50 and $100 amazon also there is gift cards available and a few other choices. The only extra way I have seen to get points was during the holidays if I snapped a receipt from Christmas eve and Christmas day I got an extra 25 points not very much.. So this app is not a quick one to earn from but its easy to snap receipts weekly since I do it anyway with receipthog I already have them ready to be snapped. This one is a lot easier to take pics of than receipthog you just have to show the retailer, total and date/time so if you have a long receipt you can fold it up to only show the required. Happy earning guys and gals ;) This app also accepts online receipts and will go 30 days back for receipts.

Legit paid instantly 2 times

I will cover receipthog because I haven't yet.. I first downloaded this on my iphone 3gs I got so frustrated with it telling me to keep iphone flat I deleted it lol. I now have a 4s and gave it another go. This one is quite picky you must upload the whole receipt and it has to be very legible so any creased receipts are harder to get approved. My husband I swear his receipts are folded like 100 times I asked him please just fold it in half he said oh ok like this yeah not happening haha. I tried :).
This app only accepts receipts from grocery items and purchases made with in the last 2 weeks. A receipt less than $10 will give 5 coins $10-$50 will give 10 coins, $50-$100 will give 15 coins and over $100 will give 20 coins. Rewards are amazon and paypal with a minimum of 1000 coins this will get you a $5 card. This is a very slow app good thing I coupon and always have a ton of receipts lol :).

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